Dubai  16/12/09

Emaar and Dubai Holding call-off merger plans

The calling-off of the merger talks between Emaar and Dubai Holding is seen as a necessary move to limit the damage of the debt standstill....
Dubai  01/12/09

Dubai to ask creditors for repayment “stand-still”

The announcement by Dubai that it will ask its creditors for a payment "standstill" raises very serious concerns about Dubai’s ability to continue its development plans in the short to medium term....
Dubai  26/11/09

Dubai Government’s Seeking for Debt Repayment "Standstill" Shatters Confidence

Dubai World, owned by the Dubai government will ask creditors for a “standstill” and an extension of maturities for all debt to “at least 30 May 2010” according to an official statement....
Dubai  16/11/09

Nakheel moves cast doubt on company’s flagship project

Dubai-government owned developer Nakheel has indirectly acknowledged that it does not plan to continue building its flagship man-made island project the Jebel Ali Palm....
Dubai  02/11/09

Senior Dubai Holding official arrested in massive fraud case

The arrest of the CEO of a major Dubai government-owned developer in a major fraud case will result in shaking the confidence in the governance situation at Dubai’s major developers....
Dubai  02/11/09

Emaar announces profits in Q3 but no news about merger

Results from leading Dubai developer shows some positive results in the short-term. However, there are no clear long-term plans putting the survivability of Emaar and similar developers into question....
Dubai  02/11/09

Dubai plans to borrow $6.5 billion from global markets

Dubai has issued US $6.5 bn of bonds. This demonstrates that Abu Dhabi is still not helping bail Dubai out and that Dubai is now looking at external markets to refinance its mounting debts....
Bahrain  16/10/09

Bahrain Plans Massive Airport Expansion

Bahrain announced plans to expand it’s airport to keep with growing competition from airports. This will aid the country’s efforts to diversify its economy in the face of dwindling oil revenue....
Albania  13/10/09

Ease of doing business - comparative chart between GCC, CEE and SEE regions

The chart shows absolute ranking of the selected countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2010 Report. Most SEE countries have improved their position since the last report. Despite this, they are i...
Dubai  01/10/09

Nakheel and Emaar in U-turn over Cityscape; Office prices crash

Dubai’s Nakheel and Emaar have both said they will participate in Cityscape Dubai, after initially saying they will not participate....
Dubai  15/09/09

Migrant workers in Dubai protest against underpayments

Protests by construction workers in Dubai employed by major contractor Al Habtoor Leighton is an unusual show of protest about underlying the troubles facing major Dubai construction companies....
Dubai  15/09/09

Dubai Metro starts partial operations

The opening of Dubai Metro is expected to gradually provide a long-term solution to the traffic problems as well as help boost the image of Dubai at a time when it is badly needed....
Dubai  31/08/09

Dubai government-owned entities in panic sale of assets

Dubai government-owned companies have embarked on major reforms and restructuring, as well as panic selling of assets....
Dubai  15/08/09

UAE Scrapped Minimum Capital Requirement for New Companie

The UAE has scrapped the requirements for new companies to have a minimum capital of Dh 150,000. This will contribute to encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurs to set-up in the UAE....
Dubai  15/04/09

Dubai Real-estate Market is in Trouble

Two high-profile court cases in the Dubai courts are likely to further erode the credibility of the Dubai real-estate market. ...
Dubai  12/02/09

Drop of population will lead to further financial troubles in Dubai

The population of the emirate of Dubai is expected to drop by between 14 % and 28 % by the end of 2009....

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