Hungary  26/07/11

The political prospects of the radical right in Hungary

Following its mayoral election victory in Gyöngyöspata, Jobbik is guaranteed to make regular references to it and see its policy of generating ethnic tensions in small communities justified....
Hungary  20/07/11

New election system in Hungary: under construction

At its July 9 meeting the Fidesz presidency discussed options for a new election system,although no decision has been reached on key issues....
Bulgaria  04/05/11

The second season of patrolling in Hungary

Background of recent events in Gyöngyöspata – an In-Depth analysis by Political Capital....
Yemen  16/02/11

Mass demonstrations across Yemen calling for regime change

Mass demonstrations continue in Yemen calling for regime change. Some of them turned into riots as southern demonstrators called for secession and northern ones for the ousting of the president....
Yemen  03/01/11

Ruling party paves way for Saleh to be president for life

Moves by Yemen’s ruling party to enable Saleh to remain president for life are likely to further increase calls for secession in the south....
Slovakia  02/12/10

Smer Smashes Slovak Coalition amid Austerity Angst

Despite getting bounced out of power in last June’s national election, Smer remains Slovakia’s hands-down favorite party, crushing all opponents in the November 27 municipal elections. ...
Poland  25/11/10

Municipal Elections Strengthen Poland’s Governing PO Party

Poland held the first round of municipal elections on November 21. Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) gained a stronger mandate to rule, while the strongest opposition party, former Prim...
Poland  23/11/10

Tusk’s Tightrope Walk Brings Political Payoff in Local Vote

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) has emerged from the first round of Poland’s municipal elections with a stronger mandate to rule....
Hungary  16/11/10

Far right veering off the rails

Jobbik’s leaders are not skirmishing with each other in public. But beneath this facade of unity, internal rifts are threatening to tear the party asunder....
Bahrain  02/11/10

Bahrain elections see Shiites gain; boycott fails

The mainstream Shiite opposition party in Bahrain came out as the biggest winner in the elections, after an attempted boycott by the extreme Shiite group largely failed....
Bahrain  18/10/10

Tense political and ethnic climate precedes parliamentary elections

Bahrain is bracing itself as tensions rise ahead of next week’s parliamentary elections....
Hungary  07/10/10

Fidesz - Absolute Majority at all Levels

Hungary’s governing Fidesz Party and its subgroup, the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), achieved an overwhelming victory in the October 3 municipal elections....
Hungary  05/10/10

New, old foes were not up to the task

Fidesz, the party that scooped up 68 per cent of the seats in Hungary’s Parliament last April, has done it again....
Hungary  04/10/10

Hungary’s Local Elections: Fidesz Clobbers Opponents

Fidesz, which leads the strongest government since 1990, has reached all of its political goals by extending its power over most municipalities....
Bahrain  01/10/10

Authorities revoke citizenship of leading Shiite cleric as ethnic tensions rise

The Bahraini government has revoked the citizenship of its leading Shiite cleric....
Hungary  14/09/10

Fidesz ready to leap final hurdle to hegemony

Barring a catastrophe on the scale of an extraterrestrial invasion, the governing Fidesz party will demolish all comers in the 3 October municipal elections....
Czech Republic  06/09/10

Change of Government – A New Hope?

Among the Visegrad nations (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungarians have the dimmest view of their country’s economic situation and their personal finances....
Bahrain  03/09/10

Arrests of Shiite leaders spark riots

Bahrain has arrested four leading Shiite activists and riots have been reported all over the country, in predominantly Shiite areas. The government imposed a media ban....
Hungary  03/09/10

Hungary Faces Increasing Pressure from Abroad

Fidesz’s changes to the election law have made it hard for politicians to run for Budapest mayor. ...
Chart of the Week  11/08/10

Smer: stronger in opposition

In most countries, election winners enjoy a protracted period of public support immediately after taking office (the “post-election bandwagon effect”). Slovakia’s new government has had no such luck....

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