Kuwait  02/11/09

Draft law to change Kuwait into single constituency passed

Kuwait’s parliament started its new term with serious areas of conflict resurfacing between the parliament and the government. A further point of contention are plans to redraw the electoral map....
Hungary  02/11/09

Political meddling - backroom agreement over commercial radio stations

The cancellation of the operating licenses of two commercial radio stations and granting these to new operators affiliated with MSZP and Fidesz represents gross and blatant interference in the media....
Hungary  28/10/09

Reasons Behind the Resurgence of the Far Right in Hungary

Society’s demand for extremist political solutions over the past three years has been met with policies offered by Jobbik and the two strains have mutually reinforced each other. ...
Hungary  19/10/09

Conflicts within MSZP consolidate the Hungarian PM's position

The break-up of the Budapest MSZP-SZDSZ coalition will not have a tangible effect on the passage of the 2010 budget, a majority of the SZDSZ faction in Parliament is expected to support the budget....
Bulgaria  12/10/09

Passing the budget is the first serious task of the Bulgarian government

The government of Citizen for European Development of Bulgaria is facing the first serious task since it came in power in July – passing the Budget 2010....
Montenegro  07/10/09

Stable Montenegrin Government, worrisome economic trends

The government seems stable now, and the opposition is busy with themselves for now. However, the economic problems are growing continuously, and they could pose serious problems in the near future....
Czech Republic  05/10/09

Czech Bribery Scandal can Amend Balance of Forces between Parties

MPs resigned after a recent bribery scandal in which politicians from various parties were offered money for political favours....
Romania  05/10/09

Romanian Campaign is Heating up, First Casualty: the Grand Coalition

Political parties are busy positioning themselves before the presidential elections. Contradicting national interests, the socialists decided to quit the government in the middle of the crisis....
Slovakia  05/10/09

5.5 percent Deficit for 2010 in Slovakia – at least

The 2010 public budget deficit is expected to be at 5.5% of GDP on revenues of €23.97 bln and expenditure of €27.68 bln, according to the budget plan published by the Finance Ministry....
Hungary  05/10/09

Slovakian-Hungarian Relations Deteriorate, while Smer is Distancing from SNS

The refusal of the visit of the Hungarian President László Sólyom to Slovakia after the passing of the Slovak Language Act brought Slovakian-Hungarian relations to a deep-point....
Romania  24/08/09

Campaign amid Economic Hardship in Romania

The presidential candidates’ campaign went on also during the stay of the IMF mission in Bucharest....
Hungary  13/08/09

Roma Murders in Kisléta Dominate Political Discourse in Hungary

The latest attack against a Roma family in Kislétamoved the Roma issue and public security back to the agenda. Meanwhile, conflicts are expected within the MSZP over the strict 2010 budget....
Romania  29/07/09

Corruption Charges Amid Economic Woes

Romania’s economic outlook has not improved, and the budget deficit is becoming a concern for more economic players, and corruption charges against ministers do not help either....
Bulgaria  29/07/09

Minority Government in Bulgaria

The new Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov decided to constitute a single-party government. He will probably need a coalition partner after a year for stability....
Slovakia  27/07/09

Smer’s advantage is still high but can melt by 2010

A balance of political forces seems to have been frozen in Slovakia for months now, though the leading governing party did not manage to gain the predicted proportion of votes in June at the EP electi...
Ukraine  13/07/09

Timoshenko’s Popularity Melting Due to the Crisis

The approval rating of the Ukrainian Prime Minister has notably declined since the beginning of the crisis (still being more popular than her party) deteriorating her chances to be elected as presiden...
Bulgaria  09/07/09

Bulgaria elects a center-right ruling party with 40% Majority

The next government will be dominated by center-right CEDB, that won 116 seats in the 240-member Parliament on the 5th July elections. It will have a tough time, as the deficit is expected to grow....
Bulgaria  18/06/09

Bulgarian results on the European Parliamentary elections seen as indicator

The results of the European Elections in Bulgaria showed that the governing parties still hold majority of the votes, but not enough for a majority after the July elections. FDI saw a 50% decline YoY....
Czech Republic  18/06/09

ODS comeback on the Czech EP Elections

The European election is seen as an indicator of party strengths ahead of early general elections in the Czech Republic; however, balance of forces can change radically in the next few months....
Poland  18/06/09

Safe win for Donald Tusk and the PO on the Polish EP Elections

Donald Tusk’s cabinet in Poland is the most stable coalition in the region at the moment, taking more than 50% of the votes on the EP elections....

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