Kuwait  19/04/10

Finance panel rejects Amiri decree on loans

Rejection of the citizens’ bailout bill by the government is another area of a looming confrontation between the government and parliament....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Court orders bank to use Islamic banking principles

A Kuwaiti court order essentially makes banks not operating according to Islamic finance principles illegal....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Kuwaiti banks may sue Saudi Saad and Algosaibi groups

The collapse of talks between Kuwait banks and the troubled Saudi Saad and Algosaibi group will likely lead to court action, increasing the possibility of dragging major institutions across the GCC....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Kuwait looks at nuclear energy in seven years

Kuwait's need for power increases as the country diversifies it's economy. The plan to start using nuclear energy in seven years demonstrates the government’s commitment to resolving this issue....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Judiciary paralyzed as civil servants strike in Kuwait

A strike by civil servants working for the Kuwaiti Justice ministry could lead to a confrontation between the government and parliament, if it spreads and if the dispute is not resolved....
Kuwait  01/03/10

Crisis between government and parliament reignited in Kuwait

The filing of a request by a Kuwaiti MP against the information minister could trigger another confrontation between the government and parliament....
Kuwait  15/02/10

Kuwait's Parliament Approves US $104bn Four-year Development Plan

Kuwait's parliament last week passed a $104bn four-year development plan, the first for decades, proposed by the government....
Bahrain  02/02/10

Iran threatens GCC states if attacked by West

Increasing tensions between the West and Iran increases the risk of Iranian attacks against Western interests in the GCC....
Kuwait  02/02/10

Kuwait plans tough punishment for press offenses

Plans by the Kuwaiti government to introduce tough penalties against journalists will lead to an increased threat of civil unrest and will further strain relations with the parliament....
Kuwait  02/02/10

Parliament passes capital market law

The Kuwaiti parliament unanimously passed the first reading of the Capital Market bill that calls for stringent supervision and regulation of the Kuwait Stock Market....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Increased Al Qaeda threat in GCC according to Kuwaiti press

A leading Kuwaiti daily reported government sources as saying that there is an increased Al Qaeda threat in the Gulf, in view of the ongoing Yemen war....
Kuwait  18/01/10

Parliament passes law to “forgive citizens debt”

The Kuwaiti parliament has passed a law effectively cancelling interest repayment on and rescheduling of debt by Kuwaiti citizens. The government has expressed strong opposition against the law....
Kuwait  04/01/10

Racial tensions rise in Kuwait as TV station is closed

Racial tensions rise in Kuwait as an independent TV channel is put off after broadcasting racial remarks....
Kuwait  16/12/09

Kuwaiti PM undergoes parliamentary questioning in a landmark move

Should the situation between the parliament and government deteriorate further, a suspension of the constitution and parliamentary life - although a serious issue, may be more palatable by the public....
Kuwait  01/12/09

Parliament-government tension escalates in Kuwait

Tensions between the Kuwaiti parliament and government have escalated. This raises the possibility of dissolution of parliament and a temporary suspension of the constitution....
Kuwait  16/11/09

Kuwait escalates into political crisis as opposition intends to grill PM

The Kuwaiti opposition has announced plans to grill the prime-minister in parliament and the interior minister refers himself to the ministers’ tribunal....
Kuwait  02/11/09

Draft law to change Kuwait into single constituency passed

Kuwait’s parliament started its new term with serious areas of conflict resurfacing between the parliament and the government. A further point of contention are plans to redraw the electoral map....
Kuwait  02/11/09

Kuwait's parliament begins new term amid increasing tensions with government

There is increasing pressure for the interior minister to resign due to allegations that he misled parliament as well the issues of calls to bail-out Kuwaiti citizens affected by the economic crisis....
Kuwait  16/10/09

The Kuwaiti Opposition Spared the Government for now

The Popular Action Bloc decided to delay their threat to grill the prime-minister to a later, unspecified date....
Kuwait  16/10/09

Migrant Workers Demonstrate in Kuwait

Over 700 expatriate workers held a sit-in outside the Ministries' Complex in downtown Kuwait in protest against their 'inhumane' living conditions and delayed salary payment for three months....

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