Risk Watch  16/10/09

GCC States Plan New Agricultural Fund

GCC states announced plans for a new US $2 billion agricultural fund in coming months to secure food supplies by buying stakes in existing agricultural firms....
Albania  13/10/09

Ease of doing business - comparative chart between GCC, CEE and SEE regions

The chart shows absolute ranking of the selected countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2010 Report. Most SEE countries have improved their position since the last report. Despite this, they are i...
Kuwait  01/10/09

Kuwait considers investing in Iraq to settle war reparations

Kuwait is considering investments in Iraq as a way of resolving a dispute over billions of dollars of war reparations owed by Baghdad for its 1990 invasion, according to the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister....
Risk Watch  01/10/09

GCC rail network by 2017

The announcement that the GCC-wide rail like will start operating in 2017 is a welcome move for all GCC states....
Risk Watch  15/09/09

Tensions escalates between Kuwaiti parliament and government

Tensions are rising between the Kuwaiti parliament and government as opposition MP’s accuse government ministers of an inadequate response to the Mishref sewage environmental disaster....
Risk Watch  15/09/09

Kuwait signs deal to generate electricity

Kuwait signed a contract to build the Subiyya power plant, which is expected to generate 2,000 megawatts of electricity by 2012. This will help alleviate severe power shortages....
Kuwait  31/08/09

New labour law debate rages as Kuwait edges towards labour reform

Kuwait’s parliament has overwhelmingly passed in first reading an amended labour law....
Kuwait  31/08/09

Al Qaeda threat rises in Kuwait

There are indications that Al Qaeda may be planning to carry out attacks in Kuwait. US authorities have warned their citizens of possible attacks against western civilians....
Bahrain  03/08/09

Financial Woes of Al Gosaibi and Saad Families are Signs of Wider Problem

The global financial crisis that has severely hit parts of the GCC has exposed the vulnerability of the Gulf economies to risks posed by the large exposure of those economies to family businesses....
Risk Watch  31/07/09

Kuwait to Abolish "Kafeel" Sponsorship System

Kuwait announced that it will abolish the "kafeel" system of sponsoring foreign workers. The system is widely practiced in all the GCC and it is described by critics as "modern slavery". ...
Bahrain  15/07/09

Agreement Will Help Alleviate Electricity Shortages in GCC Countries

The signing of the agreement for the GCC-wide connection between the electricity grids of the GCC member states will help alleviate electricity shortages in various GCC countries....
Risk Watch  15/07/09

Kuwaiti Interior Minister Survived a Vote of No-confidence

The Kuwaiti interior minister has survived a vote of no-confidence, public support for the opposition in its attempts to delegitimize the government seems to have waned....
Risk Watch  16/06/09

Agreement Signed on Monetary Union between GCC Countries

Four GCC states signed a pact on 7 June creating a monetary union. It comes as a confidence-building measure after the shock decision by the UAE to not be part of it....
Risk Watch  16/06/09

Iraqi-Kuwait Relations Deteriorate

Kuwait-Iraqi relations have deteriorated after Iraqi legislators proposed to stop paying compensations for Kuwait, in response to Kuwait’s refusal to agree to Iraq exiting the UN’s chapter 7....
Risk Watch  15/04/09

Launching of the GCC Common Currency Project in Delay

The delay in the launching of the GCC common currency amid reports of differences between member states increases the likelihood of scrapping the project altogether....
Risk Watch  10/04/09

Emir Dissolved the Parliament in Kuwait

The Emir dissolved the parliament and accepted the resignation of the government. Polls indicate a similar parliament. Plans to pass the economic stimulus package as an emergency measure emerge....

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