Romania  05/10/09

Crumbling Coalition in Romania

PSD's decision on quitting the coalition can be explained as an escape from the popularity loss because of the IMF-mandated austerity measures and a fight for the position of the Interior Minister...
Romania  05/10/09

Romanian Economy Might Have Hit the Bottom, but the Government is in Crisis

There were some signs that the Romanian economy has finally reached the bottom of the recession, but the majority of the news was still very negative. The coalition break-up also fuels fears....
Romania  05/10/09

Romanian Campaign is Heating up, First Casualty: the Grand Coalition

Political parties are busy positioning themselves before the presidential elections. Contradicting national interests, the socialists decided to quit the government in the middle of the crisis....
Romania  24/08/09

Romania-IMF Deal Struck

Romania and the IMF amended the loan deal to allow for a larger budget deficit. However, the intensifying campaign before the upcoming presidential elections can further delay stabilizing measures....
Romania  24/08/09

Campaign amid Economic Hardship in Romania

The presidential candidates’ campaign went on also during the stay of the IMF mission in Bucharest....
Czech Republic  17/08/09

Is there a decoupling trend in the region?

The significance of the “common fate” of regional currencies has decreased in recent months. At the beginning of 2009 the Hungarian, the Polish, the Czech and the Romanian currencies still followed th...
Romania  04/08/09

IMF Agreement Projects Austerity Measures in Romania

According to the agreement between Romania and the IMF, the budget deficit could rise to 7.3% instead of 4.6% as originally expected with the government facing increasing difficulties in paying public...
Romania  29/07/09

Corruption Charges Amid Economic Woes

Romania’s economic outlook has not improved, and the budget deficit is becoming a concern for more economic players, and corruption charges against ministers do not help either....
Hungary  24/07/09

Bajnai's Government Strengthened

Political developments of the past weeks have strengthened the Hungarian government's stability and minimised the chances of an early election. ...
Romania  09/07/09

Campaign in Romania Gears up amid Bleak Economic Outlooks

Romania’s economic outlook remains bleak in 2009. Published reports expect a 7% GDP drop. The coming presidential election campaign casts doubt on the implementation of all the necessary steps....
Romania  18/06/09

Romanian big coalition wins on the European Parliamentary elections

In Romania, the parties of the big coalition dominate the political field with an almost equal, head-to-head result. Meanwhile, the slump in the Romanian economy is deeper than expected....
Romania  26/05/09

FDI fell in Romania

FDI saw a 13.9% drop in the first trimester of 2009 in Romania. As previously expected, after the first quarter the country’s economy took a steep downward direction....
Bulgaria  28/04/09

Deepening conflicts in East- and Central-Europe: increasing short-term risks

The governments cannot cooperate with the opposition as it tries to turn the crisis to its own advantage. The crisis deepens existing fault lines that undermine socio-political stability in CEE....
Hungary  16/04/09

Crisis poses threat to pension benefits and the pension reform alike

The economic crisis threatens all three pillars of the Hungarian pension system. The next government(s) under pressure would have to simultaneously meet conflicting the expectations/needs....
Bulgaria  17/02/09

The loser takes it all? - Crisis management techniques in new EU member states

Countries of the region had to settle in for a long and deep economic slowdown. The political fallout may be the most severe in where loosening the budget is not an option....
Bulgaria  12/01/09

The Rise of the Extreme Right in Central-Eastern Europe

In the past two months a number of extreme right were banned by court order in East- and Central-Europe.With a consistent policy, radical rhetoric may lose ground in the medium term....
Romania  13/10/08

Wage hikes in Romania: spreading the Hungarian disease

Romania has dropped into the election year spending trap, as seen in Hungary in 2002 and 2006. Romania may set back as a result of the motion and face fiscal, competitiveness and growth problems....
Bulgaria  14/08/08

The impacts of the Russian-Georgian war on the CEE countries

After the Russian-Georgian war general anti-Russian sentiments are likely to rise and companies with Russian interests and future Russian investments will face PR problems in the CEE region....

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