2001-2011 Political Capital Institute, Chief Executive Officer
2001 Founder of Political Capital Institute
2000-2001 Sawyer  Miller Group, Director
1998-2000 Alliance of Free Democrats, Head Of Cabinet, Head of Press Department




1991-1998 Budapest University of Economics, Faculty of International Relations
1987-1991 Rózsa Ferenc Gimnázium, Békéscsaba





  • European Young Leaders Forum (BMW Stiftung)


Research areas:

  • International Relations
  • Contemporary British and French politics
  • Comparative economic policies in Central Europe
  • Political marketing




  • Krisztián Szabados: Tornado. Nicolas Sarkozy’s political career. Political Capital, 2002
  • Krisztián Szabados: Gyurcsány or Orbán? Two parallel political career. Political Capital, 2006
  • Krisztián Szabados: Banana-peal-republic. Political Capital, 2008



Other publications: