Late on Tuesday, the Monument of the "Unknown Turkish Soldier" in the village of Slavyanovo (Targovishte district), was demolished. The state and local authorities announced that the monument was illegally raised and to a great extend it is only a provocation. The monument was raised by the brothers Ali Yuzeirov and Yuzeir Yuzeirov. Some days ago the two brothers announced that they are collecting signatures for the registration of a new party named Muslim Democratic Union and later demanded an amendment to the Constitution to legitimize different minorities.


At the same time a journalist found an illegal small Muslim temple in a computer club owned by the Yuzeirov brothers. According to witness reports children used the club and the temple. Later the journalist found a book supposedly preaching Jihad.


Analysis and forecast: increasing risk

The public way in which this “conspiracy” against the state was carried out shows that it is only a provocation and has nothing to do with religious or ethnic problems. Similar incidents in the past showed that probably ex-security operatives from the State Agency for National Security (SANS) are organizing a power play in order to achieve political goals. It is important that the Bulgarian government does not overreact to these instigations and acts according to the law and the traditional moral. At present the ethnic and religious tension in Bulgaria in the so-called mixed regions is very low. Only a violent reaction of the state authorities may raise the level of confrontation.


However, these ex-officers have the ability to destabilize the government and seriously harm the image of the State of Bulgaria abroad unless extreme prejudice is dealt with. Unfortunately, some of them joined a newly formed political party, Order, Lawfulness and Justice, and it will become hard for the government to expose their schemes without drawing serious media attention.