Al Qaeda

Yemen  16/07/10

Al Qaeda and separatists intensify attacks against government

Sustained attacks by Al Qaeda and mass demonstrations in the south put further pressure on the Yemeni regime....
Yemen  01/07/10

Clashes reported in Aden as Yemeni forces hunt intelligence HQ attackers

The eruption of clashes between alleged Al Qaeda and southern separatists on one side against the government make south Yemen an Al Qaeda-sympathetic state....
Yemen  16/06/10

Clashes hit south Yemen as prominent leader calls for Southern president

The situation in south Yemen has deteriorated rapidly as armed clashes are reported between separatists and government forces....
Saudi Arabia  16/06/10

Saudi Arabia denies opening up skies for Israeli airstrike against Iran

News that Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israel to use its airspace to attack Iran will threaten the internal stability of the Kingdom, even though Saudi Arabia has denied the reports....
Yemen  17/05/10

Deputy PM survives assassination attempt in South after Awalik talks

The assassination attempt against Yemen’s deputy prime-minister underpins the size of the challenge the Yemeni government faces as it combats widespread support for Al Qaeda....
Yemen  03/05/10

UK ambassador escapes assassination attempt

The assassination attempt against the UK ambassador in Yemen indicates that Al Qaeda are capable of striking in the Capital, Sana’a....
Yemen  19/04/10

US announces it will target American-Yemeni cleric and tribe stands by him

The US announcement that it will target a US-Yemeni Al Qaeda leader in Yemen and the subsequent announcement by his Yemeni tribe puts the Yemeni government in a very difficult position....
Saudi Arabia  15/02/10

Sixth Saada Conflict Ceasefire Holds in Yemen

The ceasefire between the Houthi rebels and the government seems to be holding. This could mark the end of the Sixth Saada War, allowing the government to concentrate on the Southern separatists....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Increased Al Qaeda threat in GCC according to Kuwaiti press

A leading Kuwaiti daily reported government sources as saying that there is an increased Al Qaeda threat in the Gulf, in view of the ongoing Yemen war....
Yemen  18/01/10

Clerics call for Jihad against foreign military intervention

Leading Islamic clerics in Yemen have called for a Jihad against foreign intervention in the country. This call will make it more difficult for the government to fight Al Qaeda....
Yemen  04/01/10

Yemen opens up front against Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda in Yemen is succeeding in rallying the local population around it as an army strike kills women and children....
Yemen  15/09/09

Mediation efforts in Yemen to end Sa’ada conflict fail

Conflict in the Sa’ada region of Yemen is still ongoing as mediation efforts fail. There are increasing calls for turning Yemen into a federation...
Kuwait  31/08/09

Al Qaeda threat rises in Kuwait

There are indications that Al Qaeda may be planning to carry out attacks in Kuwait. US authorities have warned their citizens of possible attacks against western civilians....
Saudi Arabia  31/08/09

Al Qaeda attempts to assassinate Deputy Interior Minister

The attempted assassination of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef by Al Qaeda confirms that Al Qaeda and the traditionalist camp within the regime have more differences than there is common between them....
Yemen  31/08/09

Sa’ada fighting continues as gov't admits lack of resources to combat Al Qaeda

Fighting between Yemeni forces and Houthi rebels continue in the north, with accusations that the Saudis and Iranians supporting the opposing sides....
Yemen  15/08/09

Civil War looms on the Horizon in Yemen

The start of the “sixth” civil war in Saada will stretch the resources of the government even further. The government is being gradually weakened and it seems it is in need of foreign assistance....
Saudi Arabia  15/07/09

Saudi government awards border fence contract

The erection of a 9000 km border fence around Saudi Arabia will dramatically reduce the threat of Al Qaeda terrorists crossing between Saudi Arabia and Yemen....
Yemen  10/04/09

Al Qaeda Targets Tourists in Yemen

Al Qaeda are intensifying their attacks in Yemen. It is becoming the government’s main challenge as, unlike other previous threats, it is active all over the country....

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