Bahrain  02/11/10

Bahrain elections see Shiites gain; boycott fails

The mainstream Shiite opposition party in Bahrain came out as the biggest winner in the elections, after an attempted boycott by the extreme Shiite group largely failed....
Bahrain  18/10/10

Tense political and ethnic climate precedes parliamentary elections

Bahrain is bracing itself as tensions rise ahead of next week’s parliamentary elections....
Bahrain  01/10/10

Authorities revoke citizenship of leading Shiite cleric as ethnic tensions rise

The Bahraini government has revoked the citizenship of its leading Shiite cleric....
Bahrain  20/09/10

Protests in Bahrain as Shiites continue demonstrations against regime

Tensions continue to rise in Bahrain as local Shiites continue their demonstration against the government’s detention of leading Shiite activists in the run-up to the parliamentary elections....
Bahrain  03/09/10

Bahrain credit rating lowered as break-even price of oil rises

An increased break-even price of oil for Bahrain has prompted a major credit rating agency to downgrade the country’s credit rating. ...
Bahrain  03/09/10

Arrests of Shiite leaders spark riots

Bahrain has arrested four leading Shiite activists and riots have been reported all over the country, in predominantly Shiite areas. The government imposed a media ban....
Bahrain  17/08/10

Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman rule out a BlackBerry ban

The announcements by Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman that they do not intend to ban the BlackBerry from operating in their territories are good in demonstrating their commitment to business-friendliness....
Bahrain  01/07/10

Bahrain’s fund reports massive losses

The announcement by Bahrain’s Mumtalakat, that it's losses increased by almost half a billion dollars confirms reports and analyses that the smallest GCC faces serious economic challenges....
Bahrain  17/05/10

Iran launches naval Gulf excursuses as GCC states strengthen defenses

Naval exercises by Iran in the Straits of Hormuz have prompted GCC leaders to strengthen their joint defenses and call for a united effort against Iran....
Bahrain  01/04/10

Bahrain minister sacked in corruption scandal as media ban imposed

The sacking of a Bahraini cabinet minister after being questioned by police and the following media ban on the case raises questions about the seriousness of the government to combat corruption....
Bahrain  15/02/10

Al Gosaibi File New Claims against Sanea

Al Gosaibi family has filed a court case against Al Sanea in New York in their long running family business dispute....
Bahrain  02/02/10

Iran threatens GCC states if attacked by West

Increasing tensions between the West and Iran increases the risk of Iranian attacks against Western interests in the GCC....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Increased Al Qaeda threat in GCC according to Kuwaiti press

A leading Kuwaiti daily reported government sources as saying that there is an increased Al Qaeda threat in the Gulf, in view of the ongoing Yemen war....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Investments in industrial city expected to reach US $ 8 billion

Bahrain has announced that US $3.5 billion have been invested in its industrial city, which is under construction. The city is an integral part of the country’s plans to diversify its economy....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Protests erupt against government plans on subsidies

The possibility of the Bahraini government limiting food and petrol subsidies has resulted in the eruption of protests in Bahrain....
Bahrain  01/12/09

Al Wefaq Parliamentary faction refuses to support Saudi action in Yemen

The Saudi involvement in the Sa’ada war along the Yemeni-Saudi border is turning the conflict into a regional one, with implications for Shiite-Sunni relations in other GCC states, such as Bahrain....
Bahrain  16/10/09

Bahrain Plans Massive Airport Expansion

Bahrain announced plans to expand it’s airport to keep with growing competition from airports. This will aid the country’s efforts to diversify its economy in the face of dwindling oil revenue....
Bahrain  16/10/09

Bahrein High Court Acquits Shiites in High Profile Ethnic Tensions Case

Bahrain’s high court acquitted 19 Shiites accused of killing a policeman, in a case closely watched by the Shiite majority. The court ruling is expected to improve relations with the ruling Sunnis....
Bahrain  16/10/09

GCC States Plan New Agricultural Fund

GCC states announced plans for a new US $2 billion agricultural fund in coming months to secure food supplies by buying stakes in existing agricultural firms....
Albania  13/10/09

Ease of doing business - comparative chart between GCC, CEE and SEE regions

The chart shows absolute ranking of the selected countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2010 Report. Most SEE countries have improved their position since the last report. Despite this, they are i...

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