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Hungary  28/04/14

Results of the Hungarian Parliamentary Elections

Fidesz performed worse than in 2010, but the new election system helped them gaining a two-thirds majority again. The left-wing opposition lagged behind previous expectations. The huge imbalance betwe...
Hungary  12/03/14

Party preferences in February, 2014

Hungarian party preferences in December, 2013. Based on data from Ipsos, Medián, Századvég and Tárki....
Hungary  14/01/14

Party preferences in December, 2013

Hungarian party preferences in December, 2013. Based on data from Ipsos, Medián, Századvég and Tárki....
Hungary  12/08/13

Party Preferences in July, 2013

Hungarian party preferences in July, 2013. Based on data from Ipsos, Medián, Századvég and Tárki....
China  20/06/12

Europeans now see China as the leading economic power

Almost 60 percent of people in four large European countries see China as the World's leading economic power....
Czech Republic  18/04/12

GDP Growth in the Visegrad Four

According to the IMF's recently published Spring Edition of World Economic Outlook, GDP will probably stagnate this year in Hungary and in the Czech Republic, while the other two V4 members could achi...
Hungary  11/01/12

Hungary: 2012 kicks off with a record-breaking first week

2012 couldn’t have started worse for the Orbán cabinet. Most financial indicators declined sharply in December and this trend continued in the first week of 2012, reaching levels never seen before. Hu...
Hungary  07/06/11

Diminishing majority

The Hungarian government celebrated its first year in office on May 29. In terms of popularity, their first six months was a success story. Fidesz stabilized its voter base at over 40 percent of all a...
Hungary  06/05/11

Freedom of the Press in the EU10 countries

Freedom House published the 2011 edition of its Freedom of the Press Index on May 2. The change from the previous report equals or less than 1 in all EU10 countries, the only exception is Hungary....
Hungary  11/04/11

Successful first quarter for Hungarian CDS spreads

Hungary’s credit default swaps (CDS) dropped to 254 basis points at the end of Q1 2011. In the previous edition of CMA Datavision Global Sovereign Credit Risk Report’s Hungary was among the top 10 ris...
Hungary  13/01/11

Hungary Joins the Top 10 Riskiest countries

Hungary has entered the group of the 10 riskiest countries for sovereign debt investors, according to a study by CMA Datavision published January 7. Hungary's credit default swaps (CDS) closed Decembe...
Poland  25/11/10

Municipal Elections Strengthen Poland’s Governing PO Party

Poland held the first round of municipal elections on November 21. Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) gained a stronger mandate to rule, while the strongest opposition party, former Prim...
Hungary  07/10/10

Fidesz - Absolute Majority at all Levels

Hungary’s governing Fidesz Party and its subgroup, the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), achieved an overwhelming victory in the October 3 municipal elections....
Czech Republic  06/09/10

Change of Government – A New Hope?

Among the Visegrad nations (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungarians have the dimmest view of their country’s economic situation and their personal finances....
Slovakia  27/08/10

Slovakia’s PM Holds Her Ground

New Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová met August 25 with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to discuss – among other things – the Slovak Parliament’s decision to withhold its €800 million co...
Slovakia  11/08/10

Smer: stronger in opposition

In most countries, election winners enjoy a protracted period of public support immediately after taking office (the “post-election bandwagon effect”). Slovakia’s new government has had no such luck....
Hungary  12/07/10

Are homophobic people more right-wing than toleranted ones?

The graph below illustrates the difference in the left-right political orientations of people who are homophobic or toleranted in 23 European countries. A higher score means people who dislike homosex...
Poland  21/06/10

Presidential Election in Poland

Acting President Bronisław Komorowski of the governing Civic Platform (PO) party won the first round of Poland's presidential election on June 20, but failed to win the 50% required to avoid a runoff....
Hungary  04/06/10

How to rock the markets - the Hungarian lesson

Lajos Kósa, managing vice-president of Hungarian governing party Fidesz made the classical mistake which revealed that good governance presupposes good communication....
Hungary  15/04/10

Hungarian Elections: A Success for Non-parliamentary Parties

Four parties reached the 5% threshold for parliamentary representation in the first round of Hungary’s general election on April 11. Two of them had never made it into Parliament before: The far-right...

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