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Hungary  24/03/10

Consumer Confidence on the Rise

Hungary’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) regained pre-crisis levels in March 2010....
Hungary  09/03/10

Race for the right-wing voters between FIDESZ and JOBBIK

With a little more than a month to go before Hungary holds parliamentary elections, the main opposition party Fidesz continues to enjoy a massive advantage, opinion polls show. With 60% support among ...
Czech Republic  22/02/10

New-style politics a success in the Czech Republic

The leading Czech political parties' popularity is decreasing, indicating rising disappointment with the political elite. This trend signifies increasing demand for politicians who are new, or have pr...
Bulgaria  21/01/10

Public concern about euro introduction in the CEE and Baltic states

Hungarians and Romanians are by far the most enthusiastic about adopting the euro among their CEE and Baltic neighbors. Concern about Europe's common currency is highest in the Baltics, although oppos...
Albania  19/12/09

Increasing contribution in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama announced December 1 that the US will send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. The president also asked the other countries participating in the mission to increase their troop ...
Bulgaria  02/12/09

Will Germany save the CEE region?

Germany’s latest economic figures are making CEE countries giddy with hope. Most nations in the CEE region have only small domestic markets, making exports the only possible motor of economic growth. ...
Romania  10/11/09

Does Traian Basescu still enjoy the voters’ support?

According to the latest national survey of Insomar polling institue, Romanian citizens primarily blame President Basescu for the current political insta...
Poland  03/11/09

Polish Privatisation Revenues Appear to Be Overestimated

The Polish government wants to sell its stakes in several large companies to help restrain the country's widening budget deficit, but the plan is endangered by financial and political factors. Foreign...
Hungary  30/10/09

Party preferences in Hungary, October 2009

More than one third of voting-age Hungarians say they back the main opposition party, Fidesz, outnumbering supporters of the governing Socialist Party (MSZP) by a margin of 3:1, according to the lates...
Czech Republic  22/10/09

Who wants to block the Lisbon Treaty?

Looking at the three EU member states that showed the greatest political reluctance to accept the Lisbon Treaty after the Irish „Yes” we can find completely different patterns in public opinion. In Po...
Albania  13/10/09

Ease of doing business - comparative chart between GCC, CEE and SEE regions

The chart shows absolute ranking of the selected countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2010 Report. Most SEE countries have improved their position since the last report. Despite this, they are i...
Bulgaria  06/10/09

Different recovery paths in the CEE region

The IMF revised its global growth prognosis in the autumn edition of World Economic Outlook. Recovery in Europe could be slower than the world average because of economic rigidity. The CEE countries s...
Czech Republic  21/09/09

Czech politics: a draw game?

After the postponement of early elections, Czech parties got some additional time to persuade the voters.The campaign is expected to be extremely intense, because voters have not yet decided between O...
Czech Republic  14/09/09

Hungary – international reserves reach peak

By the end of August, international reserves stepped over 30 billion euros in Hungary. The huge increase in the assets since October 2008 is due to the IMF loan and the mending credibility of the coun...
Hungary  07/09/09

Mounting indebtedness of Hungarian municipalities

In the last five years the liabilities of municipalities has tripled, exceeding 1200 billion HUF by the end of the first quarter 2009. Part of the loans and securities are used to finance operational ...
Hungary  31/08/09

Consumer confidence on the rise

In August 2009 GKI's Consumer Confidence Index increased for the fourth consecutive month. The strengthening of the HUF could contribute to the beneficial tendency in public sentiment, which is not su...
Czech Republic  24/08/09

Philips-Curve in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

The disputed Philips-curve (showing that inflation and the unemployment rate are inversely proportional) seems to describe accurately the trends in both crisis-hit Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Fal...
Czech Republic  17/08/09

Is there a decoupling trend in the region?

The significance of the “common fate” of regional currencies has decreased in recent months. At the beginning of 2009 the Hungarian, the Polish, the Czech and the Romanian currencies still followed th...
Poland  10/08/09

Polish unemployment rate beginning to climb up

Unemployment rose to 10.8% in July, up from 10.7% in June. The not-so-significant change seems to be the beginning of a trend in Polish employment. The Polish Labour Minister Jolanta Fedak expects the...
Romania  04/08/09

IMF Agreement Projects Austerity Measures in Romania

According to the agreement between Romania and the IMF, the budget deficit could rise to 7.3% instead of 4.6% as originally expected with the government facing increasing difficulties in paying public...

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