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Flash Report  31/07/15

The Hungarian government’s refugee campaign in five points

1. Despite the fact that, based on the latest party preference survey, support for Fidesz has not increased since April, government politicians consider the government’s antiimmigrant campaign a re...
Flash Report  30/05/15

Governmental campaign against refugees and migrants in Hungary

As the Hungarian government is losing support while Jobbik is on the rise as its most important challenger, Viktor Orbán is trying to halt the popularity of the far-right party by putting......
Flash Report  15/05/15

Jobbik’s policy proposals realized by Fidesz: A summary in 10 points

In the last five years Fidesz implemented several measures that were originally part of Jobbik’s program. There are several fields where the rhetoric of Fidesz and Jobbik have converged....
In-depth analysis  14/04/15

"I am Eurasian" - The Kremlin connections of the Hungarian far-right

Political Capital's study on Kremlin's connections to the Hungarian far-right....
Flash Report  13/04/15

Jobbik won its first individual constituency – reasons and consequences

On April 12, the far-right Jobbik candidate won a by-election in the individual constituency of Tapolca....
Flash Report  24/02/15

Fidesz’ defeat in Veszprém – causes and consequences

On February 22, in an electoral district in western Hungary, considered as a stronghold for the right, Zoltán Kész, an independent candidate beat his rival representing the ruling party by 9%....
Flash Report  18/02/15

Putin’s visit to Budapest: demonstration of power, attempts to break EU unity

While we cannot expect that Hungary will be breaking the EU consensus over sanctions alone in the future, Hungary can remain an important member in the club of sanctions-critical EU member states. ...
Flash Report  04/02/15

Chancellor Merkel’s visit in Budapest: The Great PR Hoax

From a diplomatic aspect, the joint press conference by the German chancellor and the Hungarian prime minister revealed some disagreements....
Flash Report  14/10/14

Five statements about the municipal elections

An analysis on the Hungarian municipal elections, held on October 12, 2014....
Flash Report  13/10/14

Jobbik extended its influence in the municipalities

Jobbik managed to hold on to the majority of its mayoral seats, 14 of its mayoral candidates won at the municipal election....
Flash Report  06/06/14

Fidesz overwrites the rules of the municipal elections

Fidesz rewrites the rules in the middle of the game and is ready to change the local election system to suit its own purposes....
Flash Report  27/05/14

The EU will survive

An analysis on the outcomes of the European Parliamentary elections....
Chart of the Week  28/04/14

Results of the Hungarian Parliamentary Elections

Fidesz performed worse than in 2010, but the new election system helped them gaining a two-thirds majority again. The left-wing opposition lagged behind previous expectations. The huge imbalance betwe...
Flash Report  07/04/14

Hungarian elections: Four more years for Fidesz, Jobbik gains strength

The Hungarian parliamentary election has left only one question open, whether the governing party can retain its two-thirds majority in Parliament or not....
In-depth analysis  31/03/14

Mutual benefits: Jobbik ‘s pro-Iranian policy

An analysis on the relationship between Jobbik and Iran....
Chart of the Week  12/03/14

Party preferences in February, 2014

Hungarian party preferences in December, 2013. Based on data from Ipsos, Medián, Századvég and Tárki....
Flash Report  18/02/14

The winner takes it all

Fidesz has implemented the most significant changes in the electoral system since the transition. Below, we summarize the most important changes based on their impact on the electoral results....
Chart of the Week  14/01/14

Party preferences in December, 2013

Hungarian party preferences in December, 2013. Based on data from Ipsos, Medián, Századvég and Tárki....
In-depth analysis  13/11/13

New opposition movements in Hungary

There has been a proliferation of ‘new’ opposition movements before and after the 2010 elections. They vary in size, ideology, form, structure and their relationship with party politics....

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