Risk Watch  03/08/12

Unprecedented tribal clashes in Sanaa and Italian diplomat kidnapped

The Yemeni capital Sana’a has witnessed unprecedented clashes as tribal fighters loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh took over the Interior Ministry building....
Risk Watch  04/06/12

Yemen on brink of famine as Friends of Yemen pledge aid

Aid agencies have warned that Yemen is on the brink of famine....
Risk Watch  17/05/12

Dozens killed in fighting between US-backed government forces and AQAP

Dozens of civilians and militants were killed in the most intensive fighting in Yemen since the fall of the former President....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Yemeni army officers agree to step down

The agreement by Saleh loyalists to step down from key military posts reduces the risk level for further integration of the Yemeni state. ...
Risk Watch  18/04/12

Army commanders refuse President’s order to step-down

The Yemeni regime appears to be divided in the handling of Saleh loyalists, after President Hadi sacked senior Saleh supporters from key civil and military positions....
Risk Watch  18/04/12

Hundreds killed in clashes in South Yemen as government cracks down on AQAP

Clashes between AQAP fighters and government forces have left hundreds killed....
Risk Watch  30/06/11

Saleh clings to power as AQAP makes further advances

Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh remains defiant about his imminent return to Yemen. This indicates that the Saudis have still not been able to broker a deal. ...
Risk Watch  17/06/11

Saleh goes to Saudi Arabia for treatment as Yemen falls into further chaos

With the situation still unresolved, the return to normality will likely take longer as Yemen is gripped by mass protests, and parts of the country falling into the hands of militants....
Risk Watch  03/06/11

Civil war erupts in Yemen as GCC initiative fails

Yemen has erupted into civil war with various parts of the country falling under the control of opposition groups, including AQAP....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

Bin Laden’s killed in US raid in Pakistan

The killing of Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden will likely have implications for Yemen and the GCC, including Saudi Arabia....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

Dozens of protesters killed and wounded in continuing protests in Yemen

The stagnation of the Yemeni crisis are significantly increasing the risk of a civil war....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

GCC fails in brokering Yemen deal as AQAP continues its assault against army

The GCC has so far failed in securing a deal to end the standoff in Yemen. AQAP meanwhile have intensified their attacks against the security forces, particularly in the south....
Risk Watch  18/04/11

GCC plan for Yemen solution rejected by protesters

The situation in Yemen is heading towards further complications as signs of splits appear within the opposition camp....
Risk Watch  04/04/11

Millions continue protests as army officers defect and AQAP elated by unrest

Yemen has descended into further chaos as senior army officers defected. AQAP has taken charge of various areas, and the Houthis have also claimed key areas in Sa’ada....
Risk Watch  01/03/11

Key tribe abandons Yemeni regime as unrest intensifies

Leading tribes have abandoned the Yemeni regime and joined the protesters. Whilst the position of the army is still unclear, this increases the likelihood of a speedier regime change....
Risk Watch  16/02/11

Mass demonstrations across Yemen calling for regime change

Mass demonstrations continue in Yemen calling for regime change. Some of them turned into riots as southern demonstrators called for secession and northern ones for the ousting of the president....
Risk Watch  01/02/11

Mass demonstrations in Sanaa calling for regime change

Mass demonstrations were reported in Sanaa calling for regime change. The demonstrations are thought to be inspired by Egypt’s revolution....
Risk Watch  01/02/11

GCC markets tumble after Egypt protests

Stock markets across the GCC have tumbled as a result of the demonstrations in Egypt....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Soldiers killed in multiple attacks as unrest continues in the south

A number of soldiers were killed by attacks by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in the south of the country, as the south was gripped by demonstrations against the Sanna regime....
Risk Watch  03/01/11

Oil prices remain above $90 per barrel

The increase of oil price to over US$ 90 per barrel is a positive development for all GCC states and Yemen....

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