Dubai  02/02/10

Dubai Holding drops Standard and Poor in response to downgrade

Dubai Holding has severed its ties with Standard and Poor after the rating agency downgraded Dubai Holding....
Dubai  02/02/10

UP plans to sell some of its assets as its struggles to find liquidity

Union Properties announcement that it plans to sell some of its assets to pay for its debt is a severe blow to the position to what was considered one of the emirate’s bestrun large developers....
Macedonia (FYROM)  21/01/10

IMF: Macedonia’s Economy Will Probably Grow in 2010

Macedonia’s economy will probably emerge from recession in 2010, with GDP growing by 2% for the year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s latest annual review....
Poland  21/01/10

Positive economic developments, but mounting question marks

Poland’s economy has pleased investors and other stakeholders with a stream of positive data over the last few weeks....
Bulgaria  20/01/10

Bulgarian Construction Slumps 22%

Construction output plunged 21.9% in November 2009 compared to the same month a year ago, according to preliminary data from the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute published on January 11....
Kuwait  18/01/10

Parliament passes law to “forgive citizens debt”

The Kuwaiti parliament has passed a law effectively cancelling interest repayment on and rescheduling of debt by Kuwaiti citizens. The government has expressed strong opposition against the law....
Yemen  04/01/10

Yemeni parliament approves 2010 budget

Yemen’s economy is heading towards very difficult times as the 2010 draft budget is approved....
Dubai  04/01/10

Dubai’s UP open to receiving government help as construction workers strike

Dubai’s Union Properties new Chairman announces that the company does not need government assistance. However, over 1,000 construction workers have held a rare demonstration due to unpaid salaries....
Hungary  21/12/09

Hungarian Parties Gearing Up for Campaign

Most Hungarian parties have finished their preparations for the election campaign, and the political debate next year will be dominated by the quest for votes....
Bulgaria  21/12/09

Bulgarian Opposition Still No Threat to the Government

Apart from minor conflicts GERB remains stable, while opposition parties continue to feud among themselves....
Dubai  16/12/09

Dubai Government says it will not guarantee debts of Dubai World

The reaction of Dubai government sources after the announcement of the Dubai World debt standstill has only contributed to further shaking the confidence in the way the emirate’s economy is run....
Dubai  16/12/09

Emaar and Dubai Holding call-off merger plans

The calling-off of the merger talks between Emaar and Dubai Holding is seen as a necessary move to limit the damage of the debt standstill....
Czech Republic  14/12/09

Czech Budget Loosened by Ad-Hoc Alliance – Structural Reform Remains Elusive

The Czech Parliament approved a budget for the year 2010 that includes a series of new spending measures pushed through by left-wing parties....
Romania  14/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Break the Romanian Political Deadlock

The contest between incumbent Traian Băsescu and his Social Democratic opponent, Mircea Geoană, was a nail-biter until the very end. However, it failed to result in a clear cut situation....
Slovenia  09/12/09

Privatization is in sight to mitigate the budget shortfall in Slovenia

Many economic analysts say Slovenia will not be able to avoid a new wave of privatization.Some assert that the government is already drawing up a list of companies in which to divest....
Montenegro  09/12/09

Going into debt seems unavoidable for the Montenegrin government

Montenegro’s 2010 budget foresees an ever-narrowing range of financial resources as the crisis grinds on. The state will probably be forced to go into debt in order to keep fiscal equilibrium....
Hungary  08/12/09

2010 Budget Passed in Hungary

The smooth passage of the 2010 budget marks the beginning of the end for the Bajnai cabinet. The budget was the government’s last major hurdle....
Romania  08/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Resolve Political Deadlock

Hopes that Romania's presidential election would break the political logjam were dashed as accusations of election fraud undermine the credibility of incumbent President Băsescu’s slim victory....
Czech Republic  07/12/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery: Czech Rep.

The unpredictable nature of the Czech Republic’s political landscape is the source of the country’s biggest challenges in recovering from the economic downturn....
Bulgaria  02/12/09

Will Germany save the CEE region?

Germany’s latest economic figures are making CEE countries giddy with hope. Most nations in the CEE region have only small domestic markets, making exports the only possible motor of economic growth. ...

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