Dubai  01/12/09

Dubai to ask creditors for repayment “stand-still”

The announcement by Dubai that it will ask its creditors for a payment "standstill" raises very serious concerns about Dubai’s ability to continue its development plans in the short to medium term....
Slovakia  01/12/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Slovakia

Slovakia carried out deeper structural and public-finance reforms in 2002-2006 than any of its regional peers. But the economic model that Slovakia created is now undermining its financial health....
Dubai  26/11/09

Dubai Government’s Seeking for Debt Repayment "Standstill" Shatters Confidence

Dubai World, owned by the Dubai government will ask creditors for a “standstill” and an extension of maturities for all debt to “at least 30 May 2010” according to an official statement....
Poland  23/11/09

Risk Factors that could hinder economic recovery in Poland

Poland’s economy showed surprising resilience to the crisis. However, some economic and political factors can still hold back the country's recovery and hamper economic growth after the crisis....
Bulgaria  23/11/09

2010 Budget Passed in Bulgaria

The new government has passed its first major political hurdle, as Parliament passed the 2010 Budget by a safe margin. In addition, GERB made a clean sweep in this month’s mayoral by-elections....
Romania  18/11/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Romania

Acute political instability, risk of insolvency and lack of political transparency with misuse of funds and electoral fraud are the crucial risk factors that could hinder economic recovery in Romania....

Abu Dhabi plans to spend US $ 1 trillion on development

Abu Dhabi announced plans to spend US$ 1 trillion on developing its economy. The emirate is capable of undertaking such ambitious plans to position itself as a regional hub for non-oil activities....
Dubai  16/11/09

Nakheel moves cast doubt on company’s flagship project

Dubai-government owned developer Nakheel has indirectly acknowledged that it does not plan to continue building its flagship man-made island project the Jebel Ali Palm....
Hungary  11/11/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Hungary

Large inactive population, high and badly structured state redistribution, corruption, possible ethnic tensions and the emergence of the far-right are the key risk factors in Hungary....
Bulgaria  09/11/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Bulgaria

Political corruption, misuse of public resources, sluggish and incompetent administration, an ineffective judicial system are the most important risk factors that could delay Bulgaria’s recovery....
Bulgaria  09/11/09

Draft 2010 Budget Approved by the Bulgarian Government

The Bulgarian government approved the 2010 draft budget which contains tough needed austerity measures. It now faces two readings in Parliament, but its passage is likely....
Serbia  03/11/09

The government has stabilized the political and economic situation in Serbia

Serbian parliamentary leaders are able to suppress internal coalition disagreements, but a cabinet reshuffle cannot be ruled out. Ministers of the G17+ could be replaced by more loyal politicians....
Hungary  28/10/09

Reasons Behind the Resurgence of the Far Right in Hungary

Society’s demand for extremist political solutions over the past three years has been met with policies offered by Jobbik and the two strains have mutually reinforced each other. ...
Kosovo  22/10/09

Stable Macedonian Government, but Clashes over an Encyclopaedia

The Macedonian Government and the economy remains stable, but the Macedonian Encyclopaedia caused stirs in the coalition. There were also positive developments in EU integration and Kosovan matters...
Montenegro  07/10/09

Stable Montenegrin Government, worrisome economic trends

The government seems stable now, and the opposition is busy with themselves for now. However, the economic problems are growing continuously, and they could pose serious problems in the near future....
Czech Republic  05/10/09

Czech Political Crisis Results in Consensus behind Strict Budget

The government approved the 2010 draft budget with a deficit of CZK 163 bln, around 5.2% of GDP. The original deficit was expected to be higher until MPs approved austerity measures in Parliament....
Poland  05/10/09

Economic Optimism High in Poland

Poland's economy continues to grow, in contrast to other CEE countries....
Romania  05/10/09

Romanian Economy Might Have Hit the Bottom, but the Government is in Crisis

There were some signs that the Romanian economy has finally reached the bottom of the recession, but the majority of the news was still very negative. The coalition break-up also fuels fears....
Romania  05/10/09

Romanian Campaign is Heating up, First Casualty: the Grand Coalition

Political parties are busy positioning themselves before the presidential elections. Contradicting national interests, the socialists decided to quit the government in the middle of the crisis....
Slovakia  05/10/09

5.5 percent Deficit for 2010 in Slovakia – at least

The 2010 public budget deficit is expected to be at 5.5% of GDP on revenues of €23.97 bln and expenditure of €27.68 bln, according to the budget plan published by the Finance Ministry....

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