Rising Tensions in Bosnia-Herczegovina

Bosnians will be potentially able to enter the EU without a visa starting May 2010, but the domestic troubles over the necessary austerity measures trump the agenda....
Serbia  01/10/09

Deteriorating relations between coalition parties in Serbia

The likelihood of early elections in Serbia decreased, but reorganization of the Cvetkovic-government is still on the agenda, as leaders of G17+ are still intend to form a new party....
Dubai  01/10/09

Nakheel and Emaar in U-turn over Cityscape; Office prices crash

Dubai’s Nakheel and Emaar have both said they will participate in Cityscape Dubai, after initially saying they will not participate....
Hungary  24/09/09

Passing the budget is the key to success for the Hungarian government

In the coming period, the government’s success depends on the passage of the 2010 budget, fundamentally accepted by international investors, as well as adherence to key 2009 budget figures....
Dubai  15/09/09

Migrant workers in Dubai protest against underpayments

Protests by construction workers in Dubai employed by major contractor Al Habtoor Leighton is an unusual show of protest about underlying the troubles facing major Dubai construction companies....

UAE government moves to protect foreign investors

The UAE indicated that it plans to move ahead with a foreign investor protection law, in an effort to attract foreign investors to the country....
Kuwait  15/09/09

Tensions escalates between Kuwaiti parliament and government

Tensions are rising between the Kuwaiti parliament and government as opposition MP’s accuse government ministers of an inadequate response to the Mishref sewage environmental disaster....

Plans to explore setting-up “Gas City” in Yemen

Plans to construct “Gas City” by a UAE-based consortium will likely help fill the gaps in the country’s finances in the long-term, but more immediate political and economic solutions are needed....
Albania  07/09/09

Montenegrin Government Faces Internal Conflicts

The EU and NATO integration tracks are still considered a success, but coalition conflicts have begun....
Hungary  31/08/09

Consumer confidence on the rise

In August 2009 GKI's Consumer Confidence Index increased for the fourth consecutive month. The strengthening of the HUF could contribute to the beneficial tendency in public sentiment, which is not su...
Dubai  31/08/09

Dubai government-owned entities in panic sale of assets

Dubai government-owned companies have embarked on major reforms and restructuring, as well as panic selling of assets....
Bulgaria  27/08/09

The New Bulgarian Government Prepares Cut Back

The new CEDB-led government still enjoys the confidence of 72% of the citizens, but the freshly announced cut backs to curb the budget deficit could erode that support fast....
Czech Republic  24/08/09

Philips-Curve in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

The disputed Philips-curve (showing that inflation and the unemployment rate are inversely proportional) seems to describe accurately the trends in both crisis-hit Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Fal...
Bulgaria  24/08/09

New Bulgarian Government Focuses on its Predecessor

The new Bulgarian government focused its first efforts on revealing corrupt practices of its forerunners. Measures to address the negative economic situation in the country started to be undertaken...
Czech Republic  24/08/09

Rising Deficit in the Czech Republic

The 0.3 percent Czech GDP-growth (comparing to the previous three months) was communicated as a success and as the first sign of the recovery, but it would be blindfolded to assume an upcoming trend....
Macedonia (FYROM)  24/08/09

Foreign Investment in Macedonia Shrinks

Foreign investment in Macedonia fell 50% Jan-May 2009 y-o-y. This trend adds weight and pressure to the criticisms against PM Gruevski’s government that it cannot handle the crisis well....
Poland  24/08/09

Mixed news on the Polish Economy

Poland continues to be the most mildly affected economy in the region by the crisis, although the government’s attempts to plug the holes in the budget could sharpen the political conflicts....
Romania  24/08/09

Romania-IMF Deal Struck

Romania and the IMF amended the loan deal to allow for a larger budget deficit. However, the intensifying campaign before the upcoming presidential elections can further delay stabilizing measures....
Romania  24/08/09

Campaign amid Economic Hardship in Romania

The presidential candidates’ campaign went on also during the stay of the IMF mission in Bucharest....
Slovakia  24/08/09

GDP Shrink in Slovakia in the Second Quarter

Slovakia's GDP shrank by 5.3 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2009. ...

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