Macedonia (FYROM)  09/07/09

Economic troubles in Macedonia (FYROM)

The financial crisis is taking its toll on the country, and the Prime Minister wants EU mission to end....
Poland  09/07/09

Poland feels economic crisis even harder

The government will revise Euro adoption plans in light of worsening economic outlook, and it has revised the budget deficit plan, increasing it to PLN 27 billion....
Romania  09/07/09

Campaign in Romania Gears up amid Bleak Economic Outlooks

Romania’s economic outlook remains bleak in 2009. Published reports expect a 7% GDP drop. The coming presidential election campaign casts doubt on the implementation of all the necessary steps....
Hungary  09/07/09

Chances for Early Elections in Hungary Diminished

With the passage of the tax bill, the chances of early elections in Hungary have diminished. Having implemented almost all components of a short-term crisis management program, it is now in a vacuum....
Kosovo  19/06/09

Unsolved Name Issue Plague Macedonian Government

Unsolved name issue might cause turbulence within the government,ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) might leave the government before the end of the year....
Macedonia (FYROM)  18/06/09

Budget and ethnic woes in Macedonia (FYROM)

The revision of budget projections for 2009 is an important step to guarantee the stability of the public finances and the confidence of foreign investors, however steeper cuts will be needed....
Romania  18/06/09

Romanian big coalition wins on the European Parliamentary elections

In Romania, the parties of the big coalition dominate the political field with an almost equal, head-to-head result. Meanwhile, the slump in the Romanian economy is deeper than expected....
Slovakia  18/06/09

Record low Slovakian turnout on the 2009 European Elections

For the second time in succession, Slovakia recorded the lowest voter turnout among all EU countries in the European Parliament elections: 19,6%. Meanwhile, economic forecasts turned for the worse....
Bulgaria  18/06/09

Bulgarian results on the European Parliamentary elections seen as indicator

The results of the European Elections in Bulgaria showed that the governing parties still hold majority of the votes, but not enough for a majority after the July elections. FDI saw a 50% decline YoY....
Hungary  16/06/09

Unstability Follows EP Elections in Hungary

Major conflicts are ahead, and the government's fate hinges on the tax bill vote in Parliament. ...
Albania  03/06/09

Conflicts and Declining Popularity due to Austerity Measures in Serbia

The government's popularity dipped due to austerity measures required by the IMF stand-by agreement. Also, conflicts arose between the coalition parties due plans to cut the number of ministries....
Croatia  03/06/09

Governing Parties Lag Behind the Opposition before the EP Elections

The governing parties are behind the opposition in the polls before the EP elections. The coalition is expected to pick up 4, the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) 2 seats and New Slovenia (NSi)1 seat....
Bulgaria  26/05/09

GDP-fall in Bulgaria

GDP in Bulgaria fell by 3.5% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2009. Unemployment likely to become a rising economic as well as social problem, especially in the manufacturing industry....
Czech Republic  26/05/09

Czech interim government: the end of the political crisis?

The interim government’s inauguration provisionally ended the political crisis, but the debate concerning the Treaty of Lisbon is still going on....
Poland  26/05/09

Record high Polish deficit in April

The Polish authorities remain committed to the 2009 state budget, primarily by cutting expenditure at the state level, but lacking the will to act firmly, a higher budget deficit is expected....
Romania  26/05/09

FDI fell in Romania

FDI saw a 13.9% drop in the first trimester of 2009 in Romania. As previously expected, after the first quarter the country’s economy took a steep downward direction....
Slovakia  26/05/09

Slovakia's economic troubles grow

The recession has hit Slovakia more seriously than expected, possibly affecting governing party Smer, so the European elections will serve as a test....

Positive Developments in Montenegro-EU relations

The competent EU bodies (COREPER, GAERC) paved the way for the Montenegrin membership application, and a comprehensive questionnaire will soon be sent to the Montenegrin authorities....
Hungary  15/05/09

Huge Opposition Victory in Pécs, Hungary

MSZP suffered a staggering defeat in the mayoral elections of Pécs, and that can be seen as an indicator to the EP elections....
Hungary  04/05/09

Devaluation of real estate funds could destabilize the Hungarian mortgage market

The flight of capital from real estate funds is expected to persist and accelerate. Banks’ eminent interest is to prevent the meltdown of the mortgage market....

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