Dubai  03/09/10

Dubai World announces plan to sell its “prized assets”

The announcement that Dubai World will be prepared to sell its “prized assets” to pay off its debt indicates the government-owned entity has been unable to secure support from Abu Dhabi....
Dubai  02/08/10

Dubai to set-up stock market for small firms

Dubai's announcement that it plans to start a stock market for small and medium size companies is a good move in consolidating Dubai's position....
Dubai  16/07/10

Nakheel presents offer to creditors on restructuring debt

Nakheel has presented an offer to creditors to restructure the debt. This is seen as a cautiously positive move....
Dubai  16/06/10

U.A.E. economy becomes a two-tier economy, Dubai still facing problems

The UAE and Dubai economies appear to be decoupled. The UAE is projecting growth of up to 4% next year, while Dubai continues to slump. Further contraction in Dubai is expected this year....
Dubai  01/06/10

Dubai Holding unit requests a loan repayment standstill

Dubai International Group, part of Dubai Holding, has announced it plans to ask for a standstill on payments on loans that are due in June....
Dubai  01/06/10

At least 10 passengers of crashed Air India plane had fake passports

It emerged that at least 10 travelers on board the Air India jet that crashed after leaving Dubai had fake passports....
Bahrain  17/05/10

Iran launches naval Gulf excursuses as GCC states strengthen defenses

Naval exercises by Iran in the Straits of Hormuz have prompted GCC leaders to strengthen their joint defenses and call for a united effort against Iran....
Dubai  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Dubai  01/03/10

Dubai World debt proposal still not finalized

Contradictory remarks by the Dubai government and Dubai World are further indication that issues of governance, transparency and communications are not being addressed....
Dubai  01/03/10

Nakheel may defer repayment of sukuks maturing in May

Nakheel has indicated that it may not pay back the Islamic bonds – sukuks, which mature in May 2010. A default by Nakheel could trigger an array of downgrades of Dubai government-related entities....
Dubai  01/03/10

Arabtec suspends Nakheel work

The stoppage of work by Arabtec on Nakheel projects indicate that the Dubai problems in general are far from over and that chances of a quick recovery are remote....
Dubai  15/02/10

Hamas Leader Assassinated in Dubai

The assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai threatens to tarnish the image of the emirate as one of the region’s most open, yet safest....
Dubai  15/02/10

British Business Secretary Calls Dubai to Solve its Problems

The call by British Business Secretary Lord Mandelson calling on Dubai to resolve its debt problem puts further pressure on Dubai to put its act together....
Bahrain  02/02/10

Iran threatens GCC states if attacked by West

Increasing tensions between the West and Iran increases the risk of Iranian attacks against Western interests in the GCC....
Dubai  02/02/10

Dubai Holding drops Standard and Poor in response to downgrade

Dubai Holding has severed its ties with Standard and Poor after the rating agency downgraded Dubai Holding....
Dubai  02/02/10

UP plans to sell some of its assets as its struggles to find liquidity

Union Properties announcement that it plans to sell some of its assets to pay for its debt is a severe blow to the position to what was considered one of the emirate’s bestrun large developers....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Increased Al Qaeda threat in GCC according to Kuwaiti press

A leading Kuwaiti daily reported government sources as saying that there is an increased Al Qaeda threat in the Gulf, in view of the ongoing Yemen war....
Dubai  04/01/10

Dubai’s UP open to receiving government help as construction workers strike

Dubai’s Union Properties new Chairman announces that the company does not need government assistance. However, over 1,000 construction workers have held a rare demonstration due to unpaid salaries....
Dubai  16/12/09

Abu Dhabi lends Dubai in last minute manoeuvre

Abu Dhabi has decided to give Dubai a life-line by lending Dubai US $ 10 billion. This is a temporary solution, without which both Dubai and the UAE in general would have suffered greatly....
Dubai  16/12/09

Dubai Government says it will not guarantee debts of Dubai World

The reaction of Dubai government sources after the announcement of the Dubai World debt standstill has only contributed to further shaking the confidence in the way the emirate’s economy is run....

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