Hungary  15/05/15

Jobbik’s policy proposals realized by Fidesz: A summary in 10 points

In the last five years Fidesz implemented several measures that were originally part of Jobbik’s program. There are several fields where the rhetoric of Fidesz and Jobbik have converged....
Hungary  24/02/15

Fidesz’ defeat in Veszprém – causes and consequences

On February 22, in an electoral district in western Hungary, considered as a stronghold for the right, Zoltán Kész, an independent candidate beat his rival representing the ruling party by 9%....
Hungary  06/06/14

Fidesz overwrites the rules of the municipal elections

Fidesz rewrites the rules in the middle of the game and is ready to change the local election system to suit its own purposes....
Hungary  18/02/14

The winner takes it all

Fidesz has implemented the most significant changes in the electoral system since the transition. Below, we summarize the most important changes based on their impact on the electoral results....
Hungary  18/03/13

The Fourth Amendment of the Basic Law: analysis of the consequences

After a number of laws passed by Fidesz-KDNP enjoying a super-majority in Parliament were struck down by the Constitutional Court in the past year, the coalition passed a basic law amendment....
Hungary  01/03/13

Era of "monetary unorthodoxy" Begins

With the appointment of the new governor all previously independent state agencies and institutions will be run by people with very close ties to Fidesz and a quasi dependence from the PM himself....
Hungary  09/01/13

Fewer obstacles, more campaign

Analysis on the consequences of Constitutional Court’s decision....
Hungary  17/12/12

Notes on the current phase of electoral reform in Hungary

With a two-thirds majority in parliament, Hungary’s governing party alliance, Fidesz-KDNP, has created a completely new electoral system....
Hungary  10/07/12

Job-saving action plan – double or nothing

With the new job-saving action plan the government placed a „double or nothing” bet....
Hungary  24/05/12

Party funding and prior registration ahead of the elections

The Fidesz leadership is making further efforts to improve the election prospects of the party....
Hungary  20/04/12

Halfway into the Hungarian electoral reform

Electoral law already passed, law on procedure is still uncertain - Political Capital Institute analyses the reform process of the Hungarian electoral system and its anticipated consequences....
Hungary  01/03/12

Attitude radicals in Hungary – in international context

The threat of high level of attitude radicals is that a prejudicial, nationalist and anti-establishment public can push mainstream parties and political leaders toward a more radical position....
Hungary  18/01/12

The current state of the loan agreement and the options of the government

By now Viktor Orbán has manoeuvred himself into a corner where his options are limited to bad and even worse political choices....
Hungary  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
Hungary  20/07/11

New election system in Hungary: under construction

At its July 9 meeting the Fidesz presidency discussed options for a new election system,although no decision has been reached on key issues....
Hungary  07/06/11

Diminishing majority

The Hungarian government celebrated its first year in office on May 29. In terms of popularity, their first six months was a success story. Fidesz stabilized its voter base at over 40 percent of all a...
Hungary  31/05/11

Mol-affair: Foreign policy coup with potentially risky consequences

On May 24, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unexpectedly, although not without preliminaries, announced: the government acquired the 21.2% stake of Russia’s Surgutneftegaz in MOL for EUR 1.88 billion....
Hungary  23/05/11

Government in pensions trap

Almost three million people receive a pension or pension-type allowance. Of those almost one and a half million are below retirement age and claim an allowance based on various legal categories....
Hungary  22/04/11

Regime Consolidation: A Missed Opportunity

The new constitution in Hungary is not anti-democratic; however, it does harm to the conditions of Hungary’s medium- and long-term political stability....
Hungary  28/03/11

Hungary sitting on a powder keg

The Hungarian government faces its toughest challenge with chilling ethnic tensions in the countryside....

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