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Hungary  15/02/11

Orbán's Speech Marks the Start of the Government's Most Difficult Phase

International investors may feel slightly shortchanged by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's state of the nation speech to Parliament February 14....
Hungary  25/01/11

Hard times for EU Presidency = hard times for EU

Hungary has prepared for the EU Presidency diligently and succeeded in putting its own topics on the agenda, such as the European Roma Strategy. No one had expected it to be a light run....
Hungary  11/01/11

The Challenge of Hungary's European Union Presidency: Success or failure?

2011 is the year Central Europe took over Brussels. Hungary will be at the helm of EU's rotating presidency for the next six months, to be followed by Poland in the second half of the year....
Hungary  11/01/11

Tricky 2011 ahead

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who steamrollered over virtually all obstacles to his rule in 2010, will spend the first part of 2011 navigating the pitfalls of power....
Hungary  13/12/10

Wine and Whine: The budding fruits of Hungary’s EU Presidency

As Hungary packs up its Bermuda shorts for a six-month stay at the Brussels beach, it might be fair to ask: What exactly do we expect to get out of this?...
Slovakia  02/12/10

Smer Smashes Slovak Coalition amid Austerity Angst

Despite getting bounced out of power in last June’s national election, Smer remains Slovakia’s hands-down favorite party, crushing all opponents in the November 27 municipal elections. ...
Hungary  29/11/10

Fidesz phase two: unraveling Orbán's oxymoron

Now that voters have handed PM Viktor Orbán what amounts to a blank cheque to govern, he is ready to begin the second phase of his governance: cleaning up the budget mess and spurring economic growth...
Poland  23/11/10

Tusk’s Tightrope Walk Brings Political Payoff in Local Vote

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) has emerged from the first round of Poland’s municipal elections with a stronger mandate to rule....
Hungary  16/11/10

Far right veering off the rails

Jobbik’s leaders are not skirmishing with each other in public. But beneath this facade of unity, internal rifts are threatening to tear the party asunder....
Hungary  05/11/10

Evaluating the 2011 Budget

Hungary’s draft budget for 2011 aims to keep the deficit at less than 3% of GDP, meeting the Maastricht criteria for euro adoption for the first time since 1995....
Hungary  28/10/10

Constitutional Court Curtailed: Good news for fiscal balance, bad for democracy

Hungary’s governing Fidesz party initiated an unprecedented effort October 26 to strip the Constitutional Court – Hungary’s final authority on legislative questions – of a number of powers....
Hungary  18/10/10

Legal legacy of the sludge catastrophe

Unexpected crises are moments that can make or break political leaders. They either flounder around for solutions or rise to the occasion....
Hungary  13/10/10

The political consequences of the red sludge catastrophe in Hungary

On October 4, a waste reservoir at an aluminum plant burst its banks, unleashing some 700,000 cubic meters of red sludge. The government has responded to the crisis in the most popular way possible....
Hungary  05/10/10

New, old foes were not up to the task

Fidesz, the party that scooped up 68 per cent of the seats in Hungary’s Parliament last April, has done it again....
Hungary  04/10/10

Hungary’s Local Elections: Fidesz Clobbers Opponents

Fidesz, which leads the strongest government since 1990, has reached all of its political goals by extending its power over most municipalities....
Bulgaria  01/10/10

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov Faces First Vote of No Confidence in Parliament

Bulgaria’s opposition today filed its first motion of no confidence against Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his GERB party over the administration’s handling of healthcare policy. ...
Bulgaria  29/09/10

Bulgarian Health Minister Resigns as Medical Crisis Looms

Bulgarian Health Minister Anna-Maria Borisova abruptly quit her post today as the country’s healthcare system lurches toward crisis. Borisova gave no explanation for her resignation....
Hungary  14/09/10

Fidesz ready to leap final hurdle to hegemony

Barring a catastrophe on the scale of an extraterrestrial invasion, the governing Fidesz party will demolish all comers in the 3 October municipal elections....
Hungary  09/08/10

Step in the wrong direction

The government has decided to make it possible for any woman who has worked 40 years to retire no matter what her age. The rule represents a risky step in the wrong direction....
Bulgaria  15/07/10

Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge Former PM Stanishev

Bulgarian prosecutors charged opposition leader and former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev with mishandling seven classified reports that went missing during his term in power....

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