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Bulgaria  13/07/10

Bulgarian Property Market Mired in Financial Crisis

Bulgarian real-estate sales sank 15.5% in the first half of 2010 compared to the first six months of 2009, according to new data from the Bulgarian Registry Agency....
Hungary  12/07/10

Fidesz & hubrisz

The biggest political calamities are sometimes the consequence of the most obvious political mistakes. This may be the case with the new Declaration of National Cooperation....
Poland  05/07/10

Komorowski Takes Polish Presidency, but Kaczyński Poised for Comeback

Polish voters have picked Bronisław Komorowski of the governing Civic Platform (PO) party to be their president for the next five years....
Slovakia  21/06/10

Slovakia: Political shift, but no U-turn

It is too early to talk about an anti-populist, market-friendly U-turn in Slovakia. The governing parties won 44.2 percent of the vote together, just 5.5 per cent less than in 2006....
Slovakia  15/06/10

The Winner Loses All - The Consequences of the Slovak Elections

The next government will probably be formed by four center-right parties: The SDKÚ, the KDH, the SaS and Híd-Most. However, the coalition will be fragile and its majority will be paper-thin. ...
Hungary  15/06/10

Bungling geniuses

Barely two weeks in office, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's administration has experienced a change of fortunes so rapid that onlookers might get whiplash....
Hungary  08/06/10

Orbán’s New Action Plan Will Help Hungary Maintain Its Strong Fiscal Position

Concerns about whether Hungary’s new government will loosen budgetary discipline appear to have been laid to rest....
Hungary  05/06/10

Hungarian Govt Plans Drastic Response to HUF Crisis

Political Capital expects the Hungarian government reacts to the crisis fast and will announce austerity measures to stabilize the budget and the exchange rate. ...
Hungary  28/05/10

Dual citizenship poses risks only in Slovak and Hungarian relations

In respect to the stability of the region as a whole political risks will not increase significantly due to the preferential naturalization of ethnic Hungarians living outside state borders. ...
Hungary  10/05/10

Personalties & policy

The day after Fidesz scooped up 68 per cent of the seats in Parliament, Prime Minister-designate Viktor Orbán took aim at Hungarian National Bank Governor András Simor....
Hungary  28/04/10

Fidesz vs. Hungarian National Bank: A three-month skirmish or a three-year war?

Hungarian Prime Minister-in-waiting Viktor Orbán, whose Fidesz party won an unprecedented 68% of seats in Parliament, urgently wants to replace Hungarian central bank Governor András Simor....
Hungary  26/04/10

Hungary will have its Strongest Government since the Transition

With 68% of the seats in Parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister-in-waiting Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party will be able to form the most stable government Hungary has had since the transition....
Hungary  26/04/10

An economic house divided

Fidesz, the party that scored an unassailable majority Hungary’s parliament this month, may discover that it has pitched its tent too wide....
Bulgaria  15/04/10

”Hidden Deficit” Forces Detour in Bulgaria’s Road to the Euro

Bulgaria has abandoned all hope of joining the ERM II exchange-rate mechanism, the waiting room for Eurozone aspirants, in 2010....
Hungary  12/04/10

Fidesz is Very Close to a Two-Thirds Majority in Parliament

Results from the first round of Hungary’s general elections on April 11 have made it clear that Fidesz will have an absolute majority in the next Parliament....
Hungary  11/04/10

Jobbik Scores Big in Hungary’s Parliamentary Election: Now what?

The ultra right-wing Jobbik party’s successful performance in the first round of Hungary’s general election may come as a shock, but it is no surprise....
Russia  02/04/10

Terror Attacks:Enflaming Right-Wing Extremism Among Russians and Muslim Minority

Chechen Islamic rebel leader Doku Umarov, the self-styled Emir of a breakaway region in southern Russia, claimed responsibility for the bombings on the Moscow subway that claimed 39 lives....
Bulgaria  29/03/10

Impeachment of the Bulgarian President

Bulgaria’s right wing-dominated Parliament launched an unprecedented impeachment procedure against Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov on March 26....
Bulgaria  26/03/10

Hungarian/Bulgarian corruption busters – cowboy style

Twenty years after communism collapsed, people in Europe’s Wild East are crying out for justice as politicians – many of them former communists – ransack the public purse with impunity....
Hungary  23/03/10

Fidesz Prepares for Governance with a Market-Friendly Program

Fidesz, which had been pursuing a strategy of “tactical reticence” in its campaign communications, recently released its election manifesto entitled “The Politics of National Affairs.”...

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