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Hungary  16/03/10

To stand down or not to stand down?

The first round of Hungary’s elections on April 11 will fundamentally change the country’s political landscape. The political dividing line may shift radically....
Greece  03/03/10

The impact of the Greek crisis on Hungary

Hungary, which was close to bankruptcy at the end of 2008, made brutal spending cuts. The Greek government meanwhile responded to the crisis with lavishly spending money that it did not have....
Hungary  12/02/10

BKV: End of the line for the teflon party

Give credit to the governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)’s PR people. They helped transform Gyula Horn into the man who the greatest number of Hungarians wanted to be prime minister in 1994....
Hungary  10/02/10

A Two-Thirds Majority for Fidesz – Chances, Opportunities and Risks

The opposition Fidesz party is heading into the April election campaign with such a commanding opinion-poll lead that it may gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament....
Hungary  25/01/10

Fidesz super-majority possible, but comes with major liability

The closer we get to election day, the more we will hear about Fidesz’s chances of winning a two-thirds majority in parliament....
Hungary  21/01/10

In pre-election spending they trust

Hungary is still catching its breath from its near-miraculous feat of finishing 2009 at the target budget deficit of 3.9% of GDP, but investor applause is muted....
Bulgaria  20/01/10

Rumiana Jeleva resigns in favor of Christalina Georgieva

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign affairs and EU Commissioner-Designate Rumiana Jeleva offered her resignation....
Bulgaria  15/01/10

Heated Debate after the Hearing of Bulgarian EU Commissioner-Designate

The parliamentary hearing of Bulgarian EU Commissioner-Designate Rumiana Jeleva and her weak performance triggered serious political discussion in the European Parliament, as well in Bulgaria....
Croatia  10/12/09

Political Turbulence in Croatia Hammers Hungary’s Mol

Croatia's government, opposition and media commentators are slamming MOL after uncovering what they consider irregularities in MOL's purchase of a 22% stake in Croatia's biggest energy company, INA....
Romania  08/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Resolve Political Deadlock

Hopes that Romania's presidential election would break the political logjam were dashed as accusations of election fraud undermine the credibility of incumbent President Băsescu’s slim victory....
Romania  25/11/09

The Gloves Come Off After Basescu Wins Round One of the Fight for the Presidency

The first round of the Romanian presidential elections failed to produce a clear winner, triggering a runoff vote between President Traian Băsescu and challenger Mircea Geoană on December 6....
Romania  05/10/09

Crumbling Coalition in Romania

PSD's decision on quitting the coalition can be explained as an escape from the popularity loss because of the IMF-mandated austerity measures and a fight for the position of the Interior Minister...
Hungary  17/09/09

Slovakian-Hungarian relations: Mind the gap

Despite the meeting of the prime ministers and the visit of the OSCE High Commissioner Knut Vollebaek the underlying problems between Hungary and Slovakia have remained unsolved....
Bulgaria  10/09/09

Conflicts between the President and the PM over energy issues in Bulgaria

President of Bulgaria George Parvanov severely criticized the new government for the lack of continuity of the energy policy....
Bulgaria  03/09/09

Putin-Borisov Meeting on the Joint Energy Projects

Russia shows no sign of relieving pressure on Bulgaria over energy issues....
Hungary  13/08/09

Conflicts over strict election-year budget in Hungary

As the vote on the strict 2010 budget approaches, conflicts between the governing Socialist Party and Hungarian PM Gordon Bajnai became stronger and more visible than before. ...
Hungary  17/07/09

Hungarian Guard banned

The dissolution of the Hungarian Guard may radicalize and mobilize the far right....
Saudi Arabia  15/07/09

Saudi government awards border fence contract

The erection of a 9000 km border fence around Saudi Arabia will dramatically reduce the threat of Al Qaeda terrorists crossing between Saudi Arabia and Yemen....
Hungary  02/07/09

The Crisis of the Hungarian Socialist Party

Tensions within the Socialist Party are rising, both generational and ideological. The stability of the is not yet affected, but the real test will be the passing of the 2010 budget later this year....
Hungary  14/06/09

Dissolution of the Hungarian Guard may radicalize and mobilize the far right

The dissolution of the Hungarian Guard could be an efficient tool for the law enforcement bodies to fight against extremism in Hungary. ...

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