Kosovo  22/10/09

Stable Macedonian Government, but Clashes over an Encyclopaedia

The Macedonian Government and the economy remains stable, but the Macedonian Encyclopaedia caused stirs in the coalition. There were also positive developments in EU integration and Kosovan matters...
Bulgaria  06/10/09

Different recovery paths in the CEE region

The IMF revised its global growth prognosis in the autumn edition of World Economic Outlook. Recovery in Europe could be slower than the world average because of economic rigidity. The CEE countries s...
Czech Republic  05/10/09

Czech Political Crisis Results in Consensus behind Strict Budget

The government approved the 2010 draft budget with a deficit of CZK 163 bln, around 5.2% of GDP. The original deficit was expected to be higher until MPs approved austerity measures in Parliament....
Slovakia  05/10/09

5.5 percent Deficit for 2010 in Slovakia – at least

The 2010 public budget deficit is expected to be at 5.5% of GDP on revenues of €23.97 bln and expenditure of €27.68 bln, according to the budget plan published by the Finance Ministry....
Albania  07/09/09

Montenegrin Government Faces Internal Conflicts

The EU and NATO integration tracks are still considered a success, but coalition conflicts have begun....
Bulgaria  27/08/09

The New Bulgarian Government Prepares Cut Back

The new CEDB-led government still enjoys the confidence of 72% of the citizens, but the freshly announced cut backs to curb the budget deficit could erode that support fast....
Czech Republic  24/08/09

Rising Deficit in the Czech Republic

The 0.3 percent Czech GDP-growth (comparing to the previous three months) was communicated as a success and as the first sign of the recovery, but it would be blindfolded to assume an upcoming trend....
Poland  24/08/09

Mixed news on the Polish Economy

Poland continues to be the most mildly affected economy in the region by the crisis, although the government’s attempts to plug the holes in the budget could sharpen the political conflicts....
Romania  24/08/09

Romania-IMF Deal Struck

Romania and the IMF amended the loan deal to allow for a larger budget deficit. However, the intensifying campaign before the upcoming presidential elections can further delay stabilizing measures....
Slovakia  24/08/09

GDP Shrink in Slovakia in the Second Quarter

Slovakia's GDP shrank by 5.3 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2009. ...
Dubai  15/08/09

UAE Scrapped Minimum Capital Requirement for New Companie

The UAE has scrapped the requirements for new companies to have a minimum capital of Dh 150,000. This will contribute to encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurs to set-up in the UAE....
Hungary  13/08/09

Roma Murders in Kisléta Dominate Political Discourse in Hungary

The latest attack against a Roma family in Kislétamoved the Roma issue and public security back to the agenda. Meanwhile, conflicts are expected within the MSZP over the strict 2010 budget....
Czech Republic  29/07/09

Czech GDP to Possibly Fall in 2010 too

According to a revised estimate of the Ministry of Finance the Czech economy is likely to contract by 4.3% this year, which would be the steepest decline in GDP in the history of the Czech Republic....
Poland  29/07/09

Disagreements between Tusk and Kaczyński hinder budget-controlling efforts

The rising Polish budget deficit pits the PM and the President against each other. Disagreements and political fights endanger the curbing of the deficit....
Bulgaria  09/07/09

Bulgaria elects a center-right ruling party with 40% Majority

The next government will be dominated by center-right CEDB, that won 116 seats in the 240-member Parliament on the 5th July elections. It will have a tough time, as the deficit is expected to grow....
Macedonia (FYROM)  09/07/09

Economic troubles in Macedonia (FYROM)

The financial crisis is taking its toll on the country, and the Prime Minister wants EU mission to end....
Poland  09/07/09

Poland feels economic crisis even harder

The government will revise Euro adoption plans in light of worsening economic outlook, and it has revised the budget deficit plan, increasing it to PLN 27 billion....
Romania  09/07/09

Campaign in Romania Gears up amid Bleak Economic Outlooks

Romania’s economic outlook remains bleak in 2009. Published reports expect a 7% GDP drop. The coming presidential election campaign casts doubt on the implementation of all the necessary steps....
Hungary  06/07/09

Hungary: lost advantage in economic growth since 2006

Between 1996 and 2006, Hungary seemed to be a country with much greater economic growth potential than the countries of the Eurozone. This trend was broken in 2006, when the austerity measures of the ...
Poland  18/06/09

Safe win for Donald Tusk and the PO on the Polish EP Elections

Donald Tusk’s cabinet in Poland is the most stable coalition in the region at the moment, taking more than 50% of the votes on the EP elections....

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