In-depth analysis

France  14/12/15

"From Paris to Vladivostok"

Study on the Kremlin connections of the French far-right...
Hungary  14/04/15

"I am Eurasian" - The Kremlin connections of the Hungarian far-right

Political Capital's study on Kremlin's connections to the Hungarian far-right....
Hungary  31/03/14

Mutual benefits: Jobbik ‘s pro-Iranian policy

An analysis on the relationship between Jobbik and Iran....
Europe  14/03/14

The Russian connection

An analysis on the spread of pro-Russian policies on the European far right...
Hungary  13/11/13

New opposition movements in Hungary

There has been a proliferation of ‘new’ opposition movements before and after the 2010 elections. They vary in size, ideology, form, structure and their relationship with party politics....
Hungary  02/08/13

New Electoral System in the Home Stretch

An analysis of the effects of the new Hungarian electoral procedure law and the campaign finance law....
Hungary  08/04/13

Integration of the Roma in Central and Southeastern Europe

Policy recommendations of the European Liberal Forum, in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Centre for Liberal Studies....
Europe  11/10/12

How to tackle the far right? Delusions and new Proposals

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest and Political Capital Institute organized a conference on strategies against right-wing extremism....
Hungary  20/04/12

Halfway into the Hungarian electoral reform

Electoral law already passed, law on procedure is still uncertain - Political Capital Institute analyses the reform process of the Hungarian electoral system and its anticipated consequences....
Hungary  10/04/12

The conspiracy worldview

Counterpoint, a London based research and advisory group's interview with Peter Kreko, director of Political Capital about contemporary conspiracy theories in Hungary....
Hungary  01/03/12

Attitude radicals in Hungary – in international context

The threat of high level of attitude radicals is that a prejudicial, nationalist and anti-establishment public can push mainstream parties and political leaders toward a more radical position....
Hungary  01/02/12

Populism in Europe: Hungary

Demos and the Political Capital Institute released the first ever study of the Jobbik party’s Facebook fans, based on over 2,000 survey responses....
Hungary  26/10/11

New election system: nothing is carved in stone

As it is difficult to foresee shifts in party system in coming years, governing party strategists find it hard to decide which electoral system would offer benefits to the alliance led by Fidesz....

Radical right in SEE seeks political gains by attacking gay pride parades

In this study we analyze the position of the far right in respect to the gay rights movement with a special focus on Balkan countries aspiring to enter the European Union....
Hungary  26/07/11

The political prospects of the radical right in Hungary

Following its mayoral election victory in Gyöngyöspata, Jobbik is guaranteed to make regular references to it and see its policy of generating ethnic tensions in small communities justified....
Europe  13/05/11

Multiculturalism in the Cross-Hairs

The debate on the social integration of the Muslim minority totalling 5 to 8 per cent of the population has risen to the highest political level in the large receiving countries in Europe. ...
Bulgaria  04/05/11

The second season of patrolling in Hungary

Background of recent events in Gyöngyöspata – an In-Depth analysis by Political Capital....
Hungary  24/01/11

Hungarian legislation following the change in government

The 2011 spring legislative agenda foreshadows a more moderate pace. The government explains it by the heavy workload related to the rotating EU-presidency and the drafting of the new Constitution....
Hungary  22/01/11

The New Hungarian Media Law: Evaluation and Summary

The analysis examines the Media Law, explores the arguments for and against the legislation, and summarizes the legislation's most important points....
Europe  07/12/10

Eastern Europe’s Roma Predicament: Integration or Emigration

Eastern Europe’s Roma, also known as Gypsies, are desperate to break out of the grinding poverty in which many of them live - but they frequently see little hope of doing so in their home countries....

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