Czech Republic  19/02/10

Election Campaign Does Not Favour the Czech Economy

The Czech economy unexpectedly contracted 0.6% in the fourth quarter of 2009. This followed two quarterly increases that had pulled the country out of recession....
Poland  19/02/10

Polish Politicking: See Donald (not) Run

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that he will not run for the presidency later this year, spurring speculation on whom the Civic Platform (PO) will choose as a candidate....
Czech Republic  19/02/10

Slovak PM Fico Heads into June Elections with no Credible Challenger

Slovakia’s senior governing party Smer may be able to gain an absolute majority in the June elections, unless most small parties pass the 5% for parliamentary representation....
Albania  15/02/10

Support for the Macedonian Government Remains High

The latest polls show the greatest number of Macedonians supporting the governing coalition, but some of them indicate the main opposition party is closing the gap....
Hungary  10/02/10

A Two-Thirds Majority for Fidesz – Chances, Opportunities and Risks

The opposition Fidesz party is heading into the April election campaign with such a commanding opinion-poll lead that it may gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament....
Hungary  03/02/10

Socialist woes in Hungary

The Socialists and the governments suffered numerous setbacks. The property tax has been abolished, more and more heads roll at BKV and the party's poll numbers failed to improve....
Hungary  25/01/10

Fidesz super-majority possible, but comes with major liability

The closer we get to election day, the more we will hear about Fidesz’s chances of winning a two-thirds majority in parliament....
Bulgaria  21/01/10

Public concern about euro introduction in the CEE and Baltic states

Hungarians and Romanians are by far the most enthusiastic about adopting the euro among their CEE and Baltic neighbors. Concern about Europe's common currency is highest in the Baltics, although oppos...
Czech Republic  21/01/10

Czech General Election Most Likely in May 2010

President Klaus plans to call general elections on May 28 and 29, the latest possible dates. The president’s views on the timing of the election are unlikely to change....
Poland  21/01/10

Tusk, PO’s Popularity Slips on Economic Hardship

After a year-long honeymoon, the ruling Civic Platform (PO) and PM Tusk saw their popularity dip in the last quarter of 2009....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Fico Flinched in Standoff with Truckers

Following a series of street blockades in Bratislava and other cities, Prime Minister Robert Fico gave in to truckers’ demands for lower fuel taxes....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Slovakian centre-right parties’ cooperation is inconclusive

Last month’s opinion polls show that the six opposition parties together stand a chance of beating SMER. However, their small advantage is not enough to guarantee victory....
Hungary  21/01/10

In pre-election spending they trust

Hungary is still catching its breath from its near-miraculous feat of finishing 2009 at the target budget deficit of 3.9% of GDP, but investor applause is muted....
Bulgaria  20/01/10

Public Assassination Highlights Problems at the Interior Ministry

Notorious radio journalist Bobi Tzankov was shot dead on a street in central Sofia at noon on January 3....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Protests erupt against government plans on subsidies

The possibility of the Bahraini government limiting food and petrol subsidies has resulted in the eruption of protests in Bahrain....
Bulgaria  15/01/10

Heated Debate after the Hearing of Bulgarian EU Commissioner-Designate

The parliamentary hearing of Bulgarian EU Commissioner-Designate Rumiana Jeleva and her weak performance triggered serious political discussion in the European Parliament, as well in Bulgaria....
Yemen  04/01/10

Yemen opens up front against Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda in Yemen is succeeding in rallying the local population around it as an army strike kills women and children....
Hungary  21/12/09

Hungarian Parties Gearing Up for Campaign

Most Hungarian parties have finished their preparations for the election campaign, and the political debate next year will be dominated by the quest for votes....
Bulgaria  21/12/09

Bulgarian Opposition Still No Threat to the Government

Apart from minor conflicts GERB remains stable, while opposition parties continue to feud among themselves....
Czech Republic  14/12/09

Czech Budget Loosened by Ad-Hoc Alliance – Structural Reform Remains Elusive

The Czech Parliament approved a budget for the year 2010 that includes a series of new spending measures pushed through by left-wing parties....

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