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Kuwait  01/06/10

Opposition MP files for questioning prime-minister

An opposition Kuwaiti MP has filed a request to grill the prime-minister....
Qatar  01/06/10

Qatar moves closer to implementing foreign companies’ corporate tax law

Qatar has moved closer towards implementing the foreign companies’ corporate tax law. Once implemented, it will help the country diversify its economy as it will attract foreign investment....
Bahrain  17/05/10

Iran launches naval Gulf excursuses as GCC states strengthen defenses

Naval exercises by Iran in the Straits of Hormuz have prompted GCC leaders to strengthen their joint defenses and call for a united effort against Iran....
Iran  17/05/10

Kuwait imposes blanket media ban on Iranian espionage cell

The media blanket ban by the Kuwaiti authorities on the busted Iranian spy-cell indicate that a confrontation between Iran and the West will almost certainly spill into the GCC states. ...
Kuwait  17/05/10

Kuwaiti parliament passes privatization bill

The privatization law passed by the Kuwaiti parliament is a very important step in diversifying the Kuwaiti economy....
Yemen  17/05/10

Deputy PM survives assassination attempt in South after Awalik talks

The assassination attempt against Yemen’s deputy prime-minister underpins the size of the challenge the Yemeni government faces as it combats widespread support for Al Qaeda....
Qatar  17/05/10

Qatar delays implementation of visa rule on Westerners

Qatar stopped the implementation of a plan to require citizens of 33 developed countries from obtaining visa’s prior to visiting the GCC state....
Yemen  03/05/10

UK ambassador escapes assassination attempt

The assassination attempt against the UK ambassador in Yemen indicates that Al Qaeda are capable of striking in the Capital, Sana’a....
Kuwait  03/05/10

Emir launches unprecedented attack against parliament

An attack by the Emir of Kuwait against parliament indicate that in the event of a clash between the parliament and government, the Emir will suspend parliamentary life....
Iran  03/05/10

UAE-Iranian tensions rise over islands

Tensions have risen between the UAE and Iran over the three disputed islands in the Gulf....
Iran  03/05/10

Kuwait busts Iranian spy cell

The alleged bust of an Iranian spy cell in Kuwait implies that Iran will turn an attack against it by the West into a regional war....
Qatar  03/05/10

Qatar ruler urged to testify in Chelsea Barracks case

A UK high court judge has recommended that the Emir of Qatar appear in court at the hearing of case against Qatari Diar....
Kuwait  19/04/10

Kuwait expels Egyptian expatriates for supporting El Baradei

Kuwait has expelled Egyptian expatriates for voicing support for Mohammed El Baradei to stand for president of Egypt....
Kuwait  19/04/10

Defence related clash between parliament and government

Kuwaiti Islamist MP’s have threatened to grill government ministers about the purchase of French fighters....
Kuwait  19/04/10

Finance panel rejects Amiri decree on loans

Rejection of the citizens’ bailout bill by the government is another area of a looming confrontation between the government and parliament....
Yemen  19/04/10

US announces it will target American-Yemeni cleric and tribe stands by him

The US announcement that it will target a US-Yemeni Al Qaeda leader in Yemen and the subsequent announcement by his Yemeni tribe puts the Yemeni government in a very difficult position....

UAE moves to improve business environment as it revamps its systems

The UAE has announced that laws that will reduce monopolies, increase competitiveness and harmonize laws across the federation have been drafted....
Qatar  19/04/10

Qatar makes entry of EU citizens subject to complicated visa rules

Qatar has announced that it will no longer offer visa-free travel to EU and Western citizens....
Bulgaria  06/04/10

Euro Adoption – Prospects and Threats: BULGARIA

Bulgaria’s hopes for joining the Eurozone may be dashed after officials discovered a "hidden deficit" of BGN 2.12 billion that stems from public-works contracts that the previous government signed....
Bulgaria  06/04/10

Presidential Impeachment Fails

Parliament failed to approve an impeachment motion against Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov by the required two-thirds majority, halting the procedure before it even got off the ground....

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