Risk Watch

Bulgaria  06/04/10

Bulgaria in the Red

Bulgaria’s budget had accumulated a deficit of BGN 499.1 million as of January 31, according to the Finance Ministry’s latest report on the Consolidated Fiscal Program....
Czech Republic  06/04/10

Euro adoption – Prospects and threats: CZECH REPUBLIC

Meeting the Maastricht criteria has not been the Czech Republic’s priority in the past few years since governments preferred to have a wider fiscal playing field....
Czech Republic  06/04/10

Czech politicians run a dirty election campaign that shies away from issues

The Czech Republic’s election race is wide open. A number of new political formations may enter Parliament or even join the government....
Macedonia (FYROM)  06/04/10

Macedonia's Economy Registered 1.2% Growth

Macedonia registered year-on-year GDP growth of 1.2% in the fourth quarter of 2009. However, it is too early for the country to claim that its economy has completely recovered from the economic crisis...
Poland  06/04/10

Euro Adoption – Prospects and Threats: POLAND

The issue of adopting the euro is on the political backburner in Poland. The mounting public debt and the budget deficit make it impossible for Poles to join the Eurozone before 2016....
Poland  06/04/10

Civic Platform Taps Komorowski as its Presidential Candidate

Bronisław Komorowski won the governing Civic Platform’s presidential primary, enabling the party to focus its energy on the presidential campaign....
Romania  06/04/10

Euro Adoption – Prospects and Threats: ROMANIA

Joining the Eurozone is one of the few political issues in Romania upon which all major political parties agree....
Romania  06/04/10

The Romanian economy refuses to budge

The economic situation in Romania could well be worse than the government makes it out to be....
Slovakia  06/04/10

Smer set to win, but an absolute majority is not guaranteed

At least four parties are running between 4% and 7%, making it very difficult to predict how many parties will pass the 5% threshold – or the composition of the next Slovakian parliament....
Slovakia  06/04/10

Fico: Boarding schools for Roma children

The fact that few Slovaks (beyond Amnesty International) condemned Fico’s statement proves that anti-Roma sentiments are broadly accepted, both in Slovakia and the region....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Court orders bank to use Islamic banking principles

A Kuwaiti court order essentially makes banks not operating according to Islamic finance principles illegal....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Kuwaiti banks may sue Saudi Saad and Algosaibi groups

The collapse of talks between Kuwait banks and the troubled Saudi Saad and Algosaibi group will likely lead to court action, increasing the possibility of dragging major institutions across the GCC....
Qatar  01/04/10

Qatar eases rules on share dealing as shares surge

Qatar is about to relax rules relating to the trading of stocks on its stock market. Although overdue, this will increase Qatar’s competitiveness and contribute positively to the economy....
Bahrain  01/04/10

Bahrain minister sacked in corruption scandal as media ban imposed

The sacking of a Bahraini cabinet minister after being questioned by police and the following media ban on the case raises questions about the seriousness of the government to combat corruption....
Yemen  01/04/10

Southern leaders sentenced to long prison terms in politicized trial

The highly politicized Yemeni judiciary has sentenced two prominent southern leaders to prison, amid increasing resentment from southern MP’s, seen as closest to the Yemeni regime....
Dubai  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Oman  18/03/10

Oman’s economy better than expected in 2009 as oil production goes up

Data released by the Omani Central Bank and government show that Oman’s economy has fared better than predicted and better than most other GCC economies....
Oman  18/03/10

Blue City close to liquidation

The eminent liquidation of the Blue City project represents the failure of the country’s flagship and first venture into master-plan developments....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Kuwait looks at nuclear energy in seven years

Kuwait's need for power increases as the country diversifies it's economy. The plan to start using nuclear energy in seven years demonstrates the government’s commitment to resolving this issue....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Judiciary paralyzed as civil servants strike in Kuwait

A strike by civil servants working for the Kuwaiti Justice ministry could lead to a confrontation between the government and parliament, if it spreads and if the dispute is not resolved....

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