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Czech Republic  19/02/10

Slovak PM Fico Heads into June Elections with no Credible Challenger

Slovakia’s senior governing party Smer may be able to gain an absolute majority in the June elections, unless most small parties pass the 5% for parliamentary representation....
Hungary  19/02/10

New Slovak Unemployment Record when Recession Slowed

Unemployment is growing increasingly critical. Slovakia’s joblessness stood at 13.6% in December, making it the "leader" in CEE....
Saudi Arabia  15/02/10

Sixth Saada Conflict Ceasefire Holds in Yemen

The ceasefire between the Houthi rebels and the government seems to be holding. This could mark the end of the Sixth Saada War, allowing the government to concentrate on the Southern separatists....
Dubai  15/02/10

Hamas Leader Assassinated in Dubai

The assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai threatens to tarnish the image of the emirate as one of the region’s most open, yet safest....
Bahrain  15/02/10

Al Gosaibi File New Claims against Sanea

Al Gosaibi family has filed a court case against Al Sanea in New York in their long running family business dispute....
Kuwait  15/02/10

Kuwait's Parliament Approves US $104bn Four-year Development Plan

Kuwait's parliament last week passed a $104bn four-year development plan, the first for decades, proposed by the government....
Bahrain  02/02/10

Iran threatens GCC states if attacked by West

Increasing tensions between the West and Iran increases the risk of Iranian attacks against Western interests in the GCC....
Kuwait  02/02/10

Kuwait plans tough punishment for press offenses

Plans by the Kuwaiti government to introduce tough penalties against journalists will lead to an increased threat of civil unrest and will further strain relations with the parliament....

UAE moves to scrap Emaritisation of private sector

The UAE has indicated that it will scrap current regulations that force large companies to employ local Emaratis....
Dubai  02/02/10

UP plans to sell some of its assets as its struggles to find liquidity

Union Properties announcement that it plans to sell some of its assets to pay for its debt is a severe blow to the position to what was considered one of the emirate’s bestrun large developers....
Dubai  02/02/10

Dubai Holding drops Standard and Poor in response to downgrade

Dubai Holding has severed its ties with Standard and Poor after the rating agency downgraded Dubai Holding....
Czech Republic  21/01/10

Czech General Election Most Likely in May 2010

President Klaus plans to call general elections on May 28 and 29, the latest possible dates. The president’s views on the timing of the election are unlikely to change....
Macedonia (FYROM)  21/01/10

IMF: Macedonia’s Economy Will Probably Grow in 2010

Macedonia’s economy will probably emerge from recession in 2010, with GDP growing by 2% for the year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s latest annual review....
Poland  21/01/10

Positive economic developments, but mounting question marks

Poland’s economy has pleased investors and other stakeholders with a stream of positive data over the last few weeks....
Poland  21/01/10

Tusk, PO’s Popularity Slips on Economic Hardship

After a year-long honeymoon, the ruling Civic Platform (PO) and PM Tusk saw their popularity dip in the last quarter of 2009....
Romania  21/01/10

New Romanian government sworn in

Romania has new government headed by old Prime Minister Emil Boc. Parliament approved the new cabinet by a wide margin (276 to 135) just before Christmas....
Romania  21/01/10

Parliament Approves 2010 Budget in Romania

Lawmakers finally passed the 2010 budget on January 10 and have sent it to President Bãsescu....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Fico Flinched in Standoff with Truckers

Following a series of street blockades in Bratislava and other cities, Prime Minister Robert Fico gave in to truckers’ demands for lower fuel taxes....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Slovakian centre-right parties’ cooperation is inconclusive

Last month’s opinion polls show that the six opposition parties together stand a chance of beating SMER. However, their small advantage is not enough to guarantee victory....
Bulgaria  20/01/10

Public Assassination Highlights Problems at the Interior Ministry

Notorious radio journalist Bobi Tzankov was shot dead on a street in central Sofia at noon on January 3....

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