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Czech Republic  14/12/09

Czech Budget Loosened by Ad-Hoc Alliance – Structural Reform Remains Elusive

The Czech Parliament approved a budget for the year 2010 that includes a series of new spending measures pushed through by left-wing parties....
Macedonia (FYROM)  14/12/09

Decision on Macedonian EU Membership Talks Postponed Until 2010

The European Union on December 8 deferred a decision on opening membership talks with Macedonia after Greece shot the proposal down....
Poland  14/12/09

Polish PM Donald Tusk Still the Presidential Frontrunner

The Blackjack-gate scandal has failed to put a notable dent in Donald Tusk's and the Civic Platform's popularity....
Romania  14/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Break the Romanian Political Deadlock

The contest between incumbent Traian Băsescu and his Social Democratic opponent, Mircea Geoană, was a nail-biter until the very end. However, it failed to result in a clear cut situation....
Slovakia  14/12/09

Slovak State Eyes First “Strategic Enterprise” for Acquisition

Slovakian leaders are engaged in a quarrel over the new law that lets the state to take over bankrupt companies deemed "strategic." The first target: Chemical firm Novácke Chemické Závody (NChZ)....
Czech Republic  07/12/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery: Czech Rep.

The unpredictable nature of the Czech Republic’s political landscape is the source of the country’s biggest challenges in recovering from the economic downturn....
Slovakia  01/12/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Slovakia

Slovakia carried out deeper structural and public-finance reforms in 2002-2006 than any of its regional peers. But the economic model that Slovakia created is now undermining its financial health....
Dubai  01/12/09

Dubai to ask creditors for repayment “stand-still”

The announcement by Dubai that it will ask its creditors for a payment "standstill" raises very serious concerns about Dubai’s ability to continue its development plans in the short to medium term....
Kuwait  01/12/09

Parliament-government tension escalates in Kuwait

Tensions between the Kuwaiti parliament and government have escalated. This raises the possibility of dissolution of parliament and a temporary suspension of the constitution....
Bahrain  01/12/09

Al Wefaq Parliamentary faction refuses to support Saudi action in Yemen

The Saudi involvement in the Sa’ada war along the Yemeni-Saudi border is turning the conflict into a regional one, with implications for Shiite-Sunni relations in other GCC states, such as Bahrain....
Yemen  01/12/09

Yemen attempts to attract foreign investment

Yemen is trying to improve conditions for foreign investors to address its rapidly deteriorating economy. For any legislative reforms to be effective, they need to be accompanied by political reforms....
Yemen  01/12/09

Southern separatists intensify efforts for secession in Yemen

Yemen faces one of its most serious tests since re-unification as protests by the Southern Movement intensifies, calling for secession....
Qatar  01/12/09

Qatar Investment Authority and Deutsche Bahn to develop Qatar rail network

Qatar has announced plans to build a massive rail network, in partnership with Deutsche Bahn. This will aid Qatar’s economic diversification efforts....
Saudi Arabia  01/12/09

Fighting intensifies along Saudi-Yemeni border

The sixth Sa’ada war that started off as an internal civil war in Yemen has become a regional conflict....
Poland  23/11/09

Risk Factors that could hinder economic recovery in Poland

Poland’s economy showed surprising resilience to the crisis. However, some economic and political factors can still hold back the country's recovery and hamper economic growth after the crisis....
Romania  18/11/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Romania

Acute political instability, risk of insolvency and lack of political transparency with misuse of funds and electoral fraud are the crucial risk factors that could hinder economic recovery in Romania....
Kuwait  16/11/09

Kuwait escalates into political crisis as opposition intends to grill PM

The Kuwaiti opposition has announced plans to grill the prime-minister in parliament and the interior minister refers himself to the ministers’ tribunal....

Abu Dhabi plans to spend US $ 1 trillion on development

Abu Dhabi announced plans to spend US$ 1 trillion on developing its economy. The emirate is capable of undertaking such ambitious plans to position itself as a regional hub for non-oil activities....
Dubai  16/11/09

Nakheel moves cast doubt on company’s flagship project

Dubai-government owned developer Nakheel has indirectly acknowledged that it does not plan to continue building its flagship man-made island project the Jebel Ali Palm....
Iran  16/11/09

Saudi Arabia warns Iranian pilgrims to avoid politics during Hajj

Tensions between Sunnis and Shiites in Yemen and Saudi Arabia have erupted, as well as the deteriorating situation in Yemen, contributing to an increase of hostility between the two regimes....

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