Risk Watch

Yemen  16/11/09

Yemen signs military agreement with US

Yemen will be receiving military aid and training from the US to combat the multiple threats it faces. This will help the government tackle those threats, as it struggles to keep the country united....
Saudi Arabia  16/11/09

Yemen Saada fighting spills into Saudi Arabia

Fighting in Saadi, Yemen has spread into Saudi Arabia. This threatens to widen the conflict into a longer-term regional one, and result in increasing the risk of ethnic instability in the GCC region....
Bulgaria  09/11/09

Most Significant Risk Factors that Could Hinder Economic Recovery in Bulgaria

Political corruption, misuse of public resources, sluggish and incompetent administration, an ineffective judicial system are the most important risk factors that could delay Bulgaria’s recovery....
Yemen  02/11/09

Yemen to be included in GCC rail network

The announcement by the GCC to include Yemen in the proposed railway system is a major long-term step that will help in facilitating the development of Yemen’s rapidly deteriorating economy....
Kuwait  02/11/09

Draft law to change Kuwait into single constituency passed

Kuwait’s parliament started its new term with serious areas of conflict resurfacing between the parliament and the government. A further point of contention are plans to redraw the electoral map....
Kuwait  02/11/09

Kuwait's parliament begins new term amid increasing tensions with government

There is increasing pressure for the interior minister to resign due to allegations that he misled parliament as well the issues of calls to bail-out Kuwaiti citizens affected by the economic crisis....
Saudi Arabia  02/11/09

Shiite rebels clash with Saudi forces near border fence

Clashes were reported between Saudi security forces and Yemeni Shiite rebels as Saudi’s tried to construct a border fence. This threatens to spill into increasing tensions with Saudi Shiites....
Dubai  02/11/09

Senior Dubai Holding official arrested in massive fraud case

The arrest of the CEO of a major Dubai government-owned developer in a major fraud case will result in shaking the confidence in the governance situation at Dubai’s major developers....
Dubai  02/11/09

Emaar announces profits in Q3 but no news about merger

Results from leading Dubai developer shows some positive results in the short-term. However, there are no clear long-term plans putting the survivability of Emaar and similar developers into question....
Dubai  02/11/09

Dubai plans to borrow $6.5 billion from global markets

Dubai has issued US $6.5 bn of bonds. This demonstrates that Abu Dhabi is still not helping bail Dubai out and that Dubai is now looking at external markets to refinance its mounting debts....
Kuwait  16/10/09

The Kuwaiti Opposition Spared the Government for now

The Popular Action Bloc decided to delay their threat to grill the prime-minister to a later, unspecified date....
Kuwait  16/10/09

Migrant Workers Demonstrate in Kuwait

Over 700 expatriate workers held a sit-in outside the Ministries' Complex in downtown Kuwait in protest against their 'inhumane' living conditions and delayed salary payment for three months....
Saudi Arabia  16/10/09

Saudi King Ousts Traditionalist Cleric

Saudi King Abdullah has ousted a traditionalist cleric who criticized the newly opened King Abdullah University of Science and Technology....

UAE Adopts Nuclear Law ahead of Power Plant Contracts

The United Arab Emirates has adopted a civilian nuclear energy law that paves the way for contracts worth US $41 billion for the construction of power plants....
Bahrain  16/10/09

Bahrain Plans Massive Airport Expansion

Bahrain announced plans to expand it’s airport to keep with growing competition from airports. This will aid the country’s efforts to diversify its economy in the face of dwindling oil revenue....
Bahrain  16/10/09

Bahrein High Court Acquits Shiites in High Profile Ethnic Tensions Case

Bahrain’s high court acquitted 19 Shiites accused of killing a policeman, in a case closely watched by the Shiite majority. The court ruling is expected to improve relations with the ruling Sunnis....
Bahrain  16/10/09

GCC States Plan New Agricultural Fund

GCC states announced plans for a new US $2 billion agricultural fund in coming months to secure food supplies by buying stakes in existing agricultural firms....
Bulgaria  05/10/09

Instigations Lead to Ethnic and Religious Tensions in Bulgaria

The Monument of the "Unknown Turkish Soldier" in the village of Slavyanovo was demolished. The authorities announced that the monument was illegally raised and it is only a provocation....
Czech Republic  05/10/09

Czech Political Crisis Results in Consensus behind Strict Budget

The government approved the 2010 draft budget with a deficit of CZK 163 bln, around 5.2% of GDP. The original deficit was expected to be higher until MPs approved austerity measures in Parliament....
Czech Republic  05/10/09

Czech Bribery Scandal can Amend Balance of Forces between Parties

MPs resigned after a recent bribery scandal in which politicians from various parties were offered money for political favours....

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