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Kuwait  16/11/10

MPs demand minister's resignation over 'meat scandal'

Tensions in Kuwait continue to mount as opposition MPs call for questioning the Minister of Municipalities....
Bahrain  16/11/10

Central Bank of Bahrain issues news corporate governance rules

Bahrain’s Central Bank announcement that it is introducing corporate governance regulations is a positive move that will likely strengthen Bahrain’s position as a leading financial center....
Qatar  16/11/10

Qatar and UAE to scrap controversial sponsorship system

Qatar and the UAE separately announced that they are considering scrapping the Kafeel or sponsorship system for foreign workers....
Saudi Arabia  16/11/10

King Abdullah, Crown Prince ill as second in line take charge temporarily

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah’s health has exposed the issue of power succession....
Bahrain  02/11/10

Bahrain elections see Shiites gain; boycott fails

The mainstream Shiite opposition party in Bahrain came out as the biggest winner in the elections, after an attempted boycott by the extreme Shiite group largely failed....
Kuwait  02/11/10

Kuwait stops naturalization of wives and children to non-Kuwaiti mothers

Naturalizing wives of Kuwaiti citizens or non-Kuwaiti children of female citizens have been put on hold by the government....
Kuwait  02/11/10

Mob attacks Kuwait TV station over royal insult

A crowd of over 150, reportedly led by members and supporters of the Kuwaiti royal family, stormed a Kuwaiti private TV station, ransacking its offices and damaging furniture and other equipment....
Yemen  02/11/10

Plane bombs originate from Yemen

The parcel bombs originating from Yemen reflect that AQAP are now operating beyond the borders of the country....

Death of RAK ruler prompts fight over succession; coup attempt fails

The failure of the coup attempt by RAK exiled crown prince ends a potentially explosive situation that could have hugely damaged the internal make-up of the UAE....
Hungary  27/10/10

Budapest’s New Mayor May Expand Public Control over City Utilities

István Tarlós, the governing Fidesz party’s brand-new mayor of Budapest, announced plans for a swift and wide-ranging review of private companies’ ownership contracts in city utilities....

GCC carriers threatened as Air France KLM accuses them of receiving subsidies

GCC airlines feel threatened as Air France KLM accuse them of unfair competition and Canada refuses to grant UAE carriers further landing rights....
Dubai  18/10/10

Dubai continues to successfully sell bonds

Dubai has successfully accessed the international bond market again, raising US $ 2 billion from international investors....
Kuwait  18/10/10

Tensions between government and parliament rise in Kuwait

Political tensions are rising in Kuwait as MPs threaten to question senior government ministers and implying corruption....
Yemen  18/10/10

Fighting intense in south as Al Qaeda announces formation of "Aden-Abyan Army"

Al Qaeda’s announcement that it is forming an "army" to "liberate" the country from the regime leads to the conclusion that the central government’s grip of the situation is being lost....
Bahrain  18/10/10

Tense political and ethnic climate precedes parliamentary elections

Bahrain is bracing itself as tensions rise ahead of next week’s parliamentary elections....
Bahrain  01/10/10

Authorities revoke citizenship of leading Shiite cleric as ethnic tensions rise

The Bahraini government has revoked the citizenship of its leading Shiite cleric....
Kuwait  01/10/10

Interior minister finally attends panel probe; Education minister under fire

Increasing tensions between the Kuwaiti interior minister and education minister with parliamentary opposition appears to be heading towards a confrontation....
Kuwait  01/10/10

Kuwait to end sponsorship system for foreign workers

Kuwait’s announcement that it is abolishing the kafeel system is a welcome move as it makes the country more competitive compared to other GCC states....
Dubai  01/10/10

Dubai $1.25 Billion Bond Issue Oversubscribed

Dubai government’s first bond sale since the emirate announced it was unable to repay its debt and the positive manner in which this has been received is positive news for Dubai....
Dubai  20/09/10

Dubai World debt appears to be heading for solution

The announcement by Dubai World that it has agreed with most of its creditors on debt restructuring is a positive piece of news that will help Dubai move past the economic crisis....

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