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Bahrain  20/09/10

Protests in Bahrain as Shiites continue demonstrations against regime

Tensions continue to rise in Bahrain as local Shiites continue their demonstration against the government’s detention of leading Shiite activists in the run-up to the parliamentary elections....
Yemen  20/09/10

Al Qaeda threatens 55 Yemeni security officers by name

Al Qaeda in Yemen appears to have infiltrated the security forces in the south as the group strengthens its grip in areas in south Yemen....
Kuwait  20/09/10

Kuwait to announce launch of nuclear program this year

Kuwait’s announcement that it intends to launch its nuclear program this year is a significant step in the country’s efforts to tackle its chronic and severe power shortages. ...
Bahrain  03/09/10

Bahrain credit rating lowered as break-even price of oil rises

An increased break-even price of oil for Bahrain has prompted a major credit rating agency to downgrade the country’s credit rating. ...
Bahrain  03/09/10

Arrests of Shiite leaders spark riots

Bahrain has arrested four leading Shiite activists and riots have been reported all over the country, in predominantly Shiite areas. The government imposed a media ban....
Dubai  03/09/10

Dubai World announces plan to sell its “prized assets”

The announcement that Dubai World will be prepared to sell its “prized assets” to pay off its debt indicates the government-owned entity has been unable to secure support from Abu Dhabi....
Oman  03/09/10

Japanese tanker struck by suicide bomber

Confirmation that the Japanese tanker hit in the Strait of Hormuz last month was by a suicide bomber indicates that there is an increased Al Qaeda activity in the GCC....
Yemen  03/09/10

Al Qaeda threat surges as government declares emergency

Fighting between Al Qaeda and the Yemeni government has escalated to levels not seen before. The government publically acknowledged that the Al Qaeda threat is now country-wide....
Saudi Arabia  17/08/10

Saudi Arabia restricts issuers of fatwas

An edict by Saudi King Abdullah to control the issue of fatwas in the country will be an important step to regularizing the issuance of fatwas, many of which used by Al Qaeda terrorists....
Saudi Arabia  17/08/10

Saudi cabinet approves US $384 billion development plan

Saudi’s announced five-year development plan is a very good step in helping diversify the economy and address the growing concern of an increasingly impoverished local population....
Saudi Arabia  17/08/10

Al Qaeda leader urges killing of Christians

The call by an Al Qaeda Saudi leader reaffirms the organization’s position calling their supporters to kill Christians and Saudi royals....

Germany releases Israeli suspect and UAE 'concerned'

The release on bail of Israeli suspect implicated in the forging of passports allegedly used in the assassination of the Hamas leader in Dubai has embarrassed the UAE authorities....

85% of UAE residents in deep debt

A survey has revealed over 85% of UAE residents have personal debts of over US $135,000 each....
Yemen  17/08/10

New major gas discoveries in various governorates

Discoveries of gas in various Yemen governorates will help the country generate more income as its oil resources, the main source of income, rapidly dwindle....
Bahrain  17/08/10

Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman rule out a BlackBerry ban

The announcements by Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman that they do not intend to ban the BlackBerry from operating in their territories are good in demonstrating their commitment to business-friendliness....
Saudi Arabia  02/08/10

Saudi Arabia moves to reform judiciary

The Saudi determination to reform and modernize the judicial system through the codification of Sharia law is a very positive step in reforming the country....

Prolonged power cuts in Sharjah leading to unrest and damaging businesses

Repeated and prolonged power cuts in the UAE emirate of Sharjah has damaged the emirates' economy....
Dubai  02/08/10

Dubai to set-up stock market for small firms

Dubai's announcement that it plans to start a stock market for small and medium size companies is a good move in consolidating Dubai's position....

UAE may ban Blackberry

The UAE government announced that “BlackBerry is operating beyond the reach of UAE law”, casting doubt on the future of the popular mobile e-mail and messaging service in the Emirates....
Yemen  02/08/10

Fragile truce in Saada appears to be collapsing as clashes intensify

The truce between the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government appears to be cracking after several days of fighting....

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