Czech Republic  18/04/12

GDP Growth in the Visegrad Four

According to the IMF's recently published Spring Edition of World Economic Outlook, GDP will probably stagnate this year in Hungary and in the Czech Republic, while the other two V4 members could achi...
Bulgaria  04/05/11

The second season of patrolling in Hungary

Background of recent events in Gyöngyöspata – an In-Depth analysis by Political Capital....
Slovakia  02/12/10

Smer Smashes Slovak Coalition amid Austerity Angst

Despite getting bounced out of power in last June’s national election, Smer remains Slovakia’s hands-down favorite party, crushing all opponents in the November 27 municipal elections. ...
Bulgaria  16/09/10

Anti-Immigrant Prejudice in Central and Eastern Europe

Political Capital's analysis on attitudes toward migrants in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland....
Czech Republic  06/09/10

Change of Government – A New Hope?

Among the Visegrad nations (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungarians have the dimmest view of their country’s economic situation and their personal finances....
Slovakia  27/08/10

Slovakia’s PM Holds Her Ground

New Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová met August 25 with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to discuss – among other things – the Slovak Parliament’s decision to withhold its €800 million co...
Slovakia  11/08/10

Smer: stronger in opposition

In most countries, election winners enjoy a protracted period of public support immediately after taking office (the “post-election bandwagon effect”). Slovakia’s new government has had no such luck....
Hungary  20/07/10

Hungarian-Slovak Network to Reset Political Dialogue

Political analysts, researchers and members of civil organisations in Slovakia and Hungary have created an open network to stimulate dialogue on issues that affect the entire Visegrad region....
Slovakia  21/06/10

Slovakia: Political shift, but no U-turn

It is too early to talk about an anti-populist, market-friendly U-turn in Slovakia. The governing parties won 44.2 percent of the vote together, just 5.5 per cent less than in 2006....
Slovakia  15/06/10

The Winner Loses All - The Consequences of the Slovak Elections

The next government will probably be formed by four center-right parties: The SDKÚ, the KDH, the SaS and Híd-Most. However, the coalition will be fragile and its majority will be paper-thin. ...
Hungary  28/05/10

Dual citizenship poses risks only in Slovak and Hungarian relations

In respect to the stability of the region as a whole political risks will not increase significantly due to the preferential naturalization of ethnic Hungarians living outside state borders. ...
Slovakia  06/04/10

Smer set to win, but an absolute majority is not guaranteed

At least four parties are running between 4% and 7%, making it very difficult to predict how many parties will pass the 5% threshold – or the composition of the next Slovakian parliament....
Slovakia  06/04/10

Fico: Boarding schools for Roma children

The fact that few Slovaks (beyond Amnesty International) condemned Fico’s statement proves that anti-Roma sentiments are broadly accepted, both in Slovakia and the region....
Czech Republic  19/02/10

Slovak PM Fico Heads into June Elections with no Credible Challenger

Slovakia’s senior governing party Smer may be able to gain an absolute majority in the June elections, unless most small parties pass the 5% for parliamentary representation....
Hungary  19/02/10

New Slovak Unemployment Record when Recession Slowed

Unemployment is growing increasingly critical. Slovakia’s joblessness stood at 13.6% in December, making it the "leader" in CEE....
Bulgaria  11/02/10

Back by Popular Demand

The extreme right is in demand - at least in Eastern Europe. That's the conclusion of Political Capital Institute’s Demand for Right-Wing Extremism Index (DEREX), published in Hungarian weekly HVG....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Fico Flinched in Standoff with Truckers

Following a series of street blockades in Bratislava and other cities, Prime Minister Robert Fico gave in to truckers’ demands for lower fuel taxes....
Slovakia  21/01/10

Slovakian centre-right parties’ cooperation is inconclusive

Last month’s opinion polls show that the six opposition parties together stand a chance of beating SMER. However, their small advantage is not enough to guarantee victory....
Albania  19/12/09

Increasing contribution in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama announced December 1 that the US will send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. The president also asked the other countries participating in the mission to increase their troop ...
Slovakia  14/12/09

Slovak State Eyes First “Strategic Enterprise” for Acquisition

Slovakian leaders are engaged in a quarrel over the new law that lets the state to take over bankrupt companies deemed "strategic." The first target: Chemical firm Novácke Chemické Závody (NChZ)....

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