Syria  17/06/11

Protests continue in Syria as thousands of refugees flee to Turkey

Continuing and escalating mass protests in Syria have led to thousands of refugees leaving to Turkey....
Kuwait  03/06/11

Government and parliament clash as cracks appear in government

Cracks have appeared within the pro-government supporters in the Kuwaiti parliament, possibly indicating increasing tensions within the ruling family....
GCC  17/05/11

GCC welcomes Jordan and invites Morocco to join group

The GCC’s invitation to Jordan to join the GCC is a positive step for both the GCC and Jordan....
Kuwait  17/05/11

New Kuwaiti government sworn in and grilling requests submitted

The new Kuwaiti government has been sworn in, immediately to face grilling requests from the opposition....
Bahrain  17/05/11

Bahrain to lift state of emergency from June 1

The King’s decision to lift the state of emergency days before it is due to expire and its welcome by the Shiite opposition indicates that both sides are ready to start reconciliation efforts....
Syria  02/05/11

Syria lifts emergency rule but riots intensify

Syria has lifted the emergency law but the riots intensified calling for regime change. With an increase in US sanctions, the Syrian regime faces greater difficulties....
Bahrain  02/05/11

Bahrain passes death sentence against rioters

Bahrain sentenced four Shiites to death for their role in the riots last month. Although the ruling is subject to appeal, this is an indication that the unrest will not be resolved imminently....
Yemen  02/05/11

GCC fails in brokering Yemen deal as AQAP continues its assault against army

The GCC has so far failed in securing a deal to end the standoff in Yemen. AQAP meanwhile have intensified their attacks against the security forces, particularly in the south....
Bahrain  18/04/11

Bahrain delays ban of main Shiite parties

The situation in Bahrain is far from being resolved with government threats to ban mainstream Shiite party Al Wefaq. ...
Syria  18/04/11

Mass protests across Syria as new government fails to appease protesters

Syria appears to head towards further unrest as the new government has failed to appease protesters....
Kuwait  18/04/11

Sheikh Nasser re-appointed as Prime-minister

Threats by the Kuwaiti opposition to grill Sheikh Nasser as soon as he forms his seventh government in less than five years will likely lead to a complication of the political situation....
Lybia  05/04/11

Qatar recognises Libyan rebels

Qatar became the first Arab country to grant political recognition to the Libyan rebels....
Syria  04/04/11

Regime fails to appease protestors as unprecedented protests sweep Syria

The Syrian regime has failed to appease unprecedented protests that have swept the country. ...
Jordan  04/04/11

Anti-regime protests fail to gather momentum

The Jordanian opposition has agreed to rejoin the National Dialogue Committee days after protests led to one fatality and failed to gather momentum. ...
Yemen  04/04/11

Millions continue protests as army officers defect and AQAP elated by unrest

Yemen has descended into further chaos as senior army officers defected. AQAP has taken charge of various areas, and the Houthis have also claimed key areas in Sa’ada....
Bahrain  04/04/11

Continuing unrest undermining Bahrain’s financial hub

Bahrain is losing its edge as a financial centre as banks and financial institutions temporarily leave the country. ...
Kuwait  04/04/11

Kuwaiti government falls as ruling family members threatened with questioning

The Kuwaiti government has resigned, the first in the GCC to fall in an indirect result of the Bahrain uprising and as a result of worsening GCC-Iranian relations....
Bahrain  16/03/11

Bahrain declares martial law

The King of Bahrain has declared a three-month state of emergency, in which martial law is imposed. The declaration came after calls by Sunni parliamentarians to declare a state of emergency....
Oman  16/03/11

Protests continue after Oman sultan cedes some powers

Concessions made by the Sultan of Oman have not satisfied the protestors demands....
Saudi Arabia  16/03/11

Saudi protests subdued as tensions in the Shiite Eastern Province rise

The Eastern Province has seen increasing tensions and with the events deteriorating in Bahrain, it is expected that the Eastern Province will witness greater unrest in the coming days....

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