Bulgaria  06/04/10

Presidential Impeachment Fails

Parliament failed to approve an impeachment motion against Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov by the required two-thirds majority, halting the procedure before it even got off the ground....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Kuwaiti banks may sue Saudi Saad and Algosaibi groups

The collapse of talks between Kuwait banks and the troubled Saudi Saad and Algosaibi group will likely lead to court action, increasing the possibility of dragging major institutions across the GCC....
Bahrain  01/04/10

Bahrain minister sacked in corruption scandal as media ban imposed

The sacking of a Bahraini cabinet minister after being questioned by police and the following media ban on the case raises questions about the seriousness of the government to combat corruption....
Yemen  01/04/10

Southern leaders sentenced to long prison terms in politicized trial

The highly politicized Yemeni judiciary has sentenced two prominent southern leaders to prison, amid increasing resentment from southern MP’s, seen as closest to the Yemeni regime....
Dubai  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Bulgaria  29/03/10

Impeachment of the Bulgarian President

Bulgaria’s right wing-dominated Parliament launched an unprecedented impeachment procedure against Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov on March 26....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Kuwait looks at nuclear energy in seven years

Kuwait's need for power increases as the country diversifies it's economy. The plan to start using nuclear energy in seven years demonstrates the government’s commitment to resolving this issue....
Kuwait  18/03/10

Judiciary paralyzed as civil servants strike in Kuwait

A strike by civil servants working for the Kuwaiti Justice ministry could lead to a confrontation between the government and parliament, if it spreads and if the dispute is not resolved....
Yemen  18/03/10

Yemeni government closes Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya offices as riots rage

The Yemeni government has shut down the offices of major Arab broadcasters Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, who provide the main source of news to the Yemenis....
Bulgaria  09/03/10

Fight against organized crime boosts government's strength in Bulgaria

Public attention is focused on the special operations against organized crime. These operations will allow GERB to establish a normal chain of command in the security services....
Slovenia  09/03/10

Struggle for power and influence within the Slovenian government

Despite the eternal bickering, the situation in the coalition and parliament is essentially stable. An imminent political crisis, government reshuffle or leadership change is not on the horizon....
Yemen  01/03/10

Gazprom may invest in Yemen

Russian Gazprom has indicated it might be interested in oil exploration in Yemen. With Yemen’s economy heavily reliant on oil revenues, which is rapidly dwindling, new finds are vital....
Dubai  01/03/10

Arabtec suspends Nakheel work

The stoppage of work by Arabtec on Nakheel projects indicate that the Dubai problems in general are far from over and that chances of a quick recovery are remote....
Kuwait  01/03/10

Crisis between government and parliament reignited in Kuwait

The filing of a request by a Kuwaiti MP against the information minister could trigger another confrontation between the government and parliament....
Macedonia (FYROM)  19/02/10

United We Don’t Stand: Macedonia’s Ethnic Albanian Parties to Go It Alone

Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian parties rejected a plan to form a united ethnic-Albanian front against Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s government....
Poland  19/02/10

Polish Politicking: See Donald (not) Run

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that he will not run for the presidency later this year, spurring speculation on whom the Civic Platform (PO) will choose as a candidate....
Romania  19/02/10

Light at the End of the Tunnel in Romania

Romania’s economy is on the path to recovery at long last, but the government still faces a rough road ahead....
Albania  15/02/10

Support for the Macedonian Government Remains High

The latest polls show the greatest number of Macedonians supporting the governing coalition, but some of them indicate the main opposition party is closing the gap....
Slovenia  03/02/10

2010: Crucial Year for the Coalition in Slovenia

Slovenian government leaders will face an uphill climb this year in implementing their economic program after spending 2009 clumsily trying to find their feet amid the global recession....
Dubai  02/02/10

Dubai Holding drops Standard and Poor in response to downgrade

Dubai Holding has severed its ties with Standard and Poor after the rating agency downgraded Dubai Holding....

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