Bahrain  16/02/11

Riots in Bahrain spread as government restricts internet

Bahrain faces unprecedented mass demonstrations, inspired by the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, as two protesters were killed and dozens wounded....
Kuwait  03/01/11

Prime minister questioned in parliament as pressure mounts on him to resign

Kuwaiti prime minister is under unprecedented pressure by parliament to resign....
Yemen  03/01/11

Ruling party paves way for Saleh to be president for life

Moves by Yemen’s ruling party to enable Saleh to remain president for life are likely to further increase calls for secession in the south....
Kuwait  02/11/10

Mob attacks Kuwait TV station over royal insult

A crowd of over 150, reportedly led by members and supporters of the Kuwaiti royal family, stormed a Kuwaiti private TV station, ransacking its offices and damaging furniture and other equipment....
Yemen  18/10/10

Fighting intense in south as Al Qaeda announces formation of "Aden-Abyan Army"

Al Qaeda’s announcement that it is forming an "army" to "liberate" the country from the regime leads to the conclusion that the central government’s grip of the situation is being lost....
Bahrain  01/10/10

Authorities revoke citizenship of leading Shiite cleric as ethnic tensions rise

The Bahraini government has revoked the citizenship of its leading Shiite cleric....
Bahrain  20/09/10

Protests in Bahrain as Shiites continue demonstrations against regime

Tensions continue to rise in Bahrain as local Shiites continue their demonstration against the government’s detention of leading Shiite activists in the run-up to the parliamentary elections....
Bahrain  03/09/10

Arrests of Shiite leaders spark riots

Bahrain has arrested four leading Shiite activists and riots have been reported all over the country, in predominantly Shiite areas. The government imposed a media ban....
Yemen  03/09/10

Al Qaeda threat surges as government declares emergency

Fighting between Al Qaeda and the Yemeni government has escalated to levels not seen before. The government publically acknowledged that the Al Qaeda threat is now country-wide....

Prolonged power cuts in Sharjah leading to unrest and damaging businesses

Repeated and prolonged power cuts in the UAE emirate of Sharjah has damaged the emirates' economy....
Yemen  16/07/10

Al Qaeda and separatists intensify attacks against government

Sustained attacks by Al Qaeda and mass demonstrations in the south put further pressure on the Yemeni regime....
Yemen  01/07/10

Clashes reported in Aden as Yemeni forces hunt intelligence HQ attackers

The eruption of clashes between alleged Al Qaeda and southern separatists on one side against the government make south Yemen an Al Qaeda-sympathetic state....
Iran  01/07/10

Saudi Arabia accused by Iran of assisting Israel

Allegations in the Iranian and Israeli press that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Israel on possible attack against Iran will raise tensions between the Saudi government and Shiites....
Yemen  16/06/10

Clashes hit south Yemen as prominent leader calls for Southern president

The situation in south Yemen has deteriorated rapidly as armed clashes are reported between separatists and government forces....
Greece  06/05/10

Greece: On the Road to “Symmetric Radicalization”

Hostility toward international financial institutions skyrocketed in Greece after its government agreed to austerity measures in return for economic assistance from the IMF and the EU....
Kuwait  03/05/10

Emir launches unprecedented attack against parliament

An attack by the Emir of Kuwait against parliament indicate that in the event of a clash between the parliament and government, the Emir will suspend parliamentary life....

“Legislators” demand setting of an election date as tensions rise in the UAE

Members of the UAE legislature, the Federal National Council, are increasingly becoming vocal that no election date has been set....

UAE bans 800 large companies in breach of wage payment laws

The UAE ministry of labour has stopped 800 of the country’s large companies from hiring staff. This came as a result of the ministry’s efforts to address non-payment of wages to staff....
Yemen  18/03/10

Yemeni government closes Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya offices as riots rage

The Yemeni government has shut down the offices of major Arab broadcasters Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, who provide the main source of news to the Yemenis....

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