Introducing Political Capital


Political Capital Policy Research & Consulting Institute (Political Capital) is a member of the London-based, British-Swiss Communications First Consulting Ltd, which is a thriving group of companies offering comprehensive analytical and consulting services to numerous clients.


Over the last few years Political Capital has become the leading Central European political consultancy and research institute by every business and professional standard. The Institute was founded in 2001, and was granted the Business Superbrands award in 2008. Political Capital operates with an analyst division (which contains the Risk Forecast Division) and a separate consultant division.


Political Capital is independent from all political parties; its sole ideological commitment is to the values of free-market economics and elective democracy. These are the principles that guide our public analyses, our forecasts and our consultancy services.


Political Capital prepares political and macroeconomic analyses and risk forecasts, and provides campaign consultancy in Central Europe and in the Middle East.


Main fields of research:

  • Political Risk Analysis and Forecast
  • Macroeconomic Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Research of Extremist Groups and Radical Political Tendencies
  • Election Studies
  • Political Campaign Research
  • Policy Research

Political Capital’s clients are multinational companies, commercial chambers, pressure groups, lobbyists, embassies, international media, governments, political parties. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable and accurate information on every aspect of politics and policy, which can influence our clients’ everyday work.


Risk Forecast  Division

Political Capital Risk Forecast Division (PC RFD) is an international network of analysts (macroeconomists and econometric experts, political scientists, sociologists and social psychologists, mathematicians) who analyse various fields of political risks that can have an impact on political stability or the economic environment of a given country or region.

Our accuracy and reliability are based on the in-depth knowledge of local political and economical environment and expertise. That is why we make forecasts just for the countries where we have local, “native” analysts.

PC RFD offers indispensable services to investors, political and economic decision-makers and analysts.  Our goal is not only to supply information and analyse events, but also to help our clients make strategic decisions, diminish the risk of such decisions, and prepare for upcoming socio-political and economic changes.

The expertise of Political Capital Risk Forecast Division


PC RFD has an excellent track record, a proven organizational structure, methodology and staff. The Division offers analyses and forecasts with qualitative and quantitative data. The quantitative, scalable measures (based on international data sources, comparative public opinion and attitude surveys and analysts’ consent) is useful for precise risk evaluations (e.g.  sovereign credit risk ratings, insurance risk assessment).

Whether it is a particular future investment, service, product, sector, a given indicator or overall political risk that interests our client, we can identify and apply the precise and relevant combination of political and economic variables in our forecast at both regional, national and local level. Moreover, we can deliver our findings and data in a format that best suits our client’s own methodology.

PC Risk Forecast Division can predict the important changes and evaluate the political risks that influence the political stability, general business environment, growth outlooks, and fiscal, monetary and financial conditions of a given country.



The advantage of good forecasts


A lot of examples indicate that insufficient information of a country’s political environment can lead to significant losses – both in terms of money and prestige. Our Risk Forecast Division’s reliability is based on the acquaintance of local political and economical environment and expertise.

For optimising business decisions, and understanding the country’s political environment (domestic political, geopolitical and national security relations, governmental stability and goals, extremist and radical tendencies, predictability and efficiency of the institutions, economic policy and regulations) and economic conditions is crucial. Political Capital offers services that help mapping the economic and political environment of the covered countries.

We help investors finding partners and/or possibilities for FDIs, and offer background analyses and strategic consultancy to political decision-makers, pressure groups and NGOs. We help investors to be prepared for investments in the region, to understand local political life and background for regulation and government policies.

PC RFD provides fast, reliable and accurate exclusive information on every aspect of politics and policy in Hungary, which is not covered by the press, but can deeply influence our clients' everyday work. Our methodology makes political and economic risks quantifiable that makes them easier to face, handle and diminish.


Countries covered by Political Capital
Central Europe

  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic

South-East Europe

  • Bulgaria
  • Bosnia and Herczegovina
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Slovenia

Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia