Political Capital’s services




  • Political Risk Analysis and Forecast
  • Macroeconomic Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Research of Extremist Groups and Radical Political Tendencies
  • Election Studies
  • Political Campaign Research
  • Policy Research

B2B Services

  • Open-source Information gathering and analysis
  • Public Procurements
  • Investor search
  • Investment opportunity mapping
  • Partnership building

Please see more details of our B2B services in our Trade Centre.


Competitive Intelligence Services

  • Protecting and securing your organization from infiltrators.
  • Database vulnerability - how to protect it from exposure
  • Business goals and the Intelligence process.
  • Defining the organizational needs in terms of information requirements
  • Information Compilation Plan: closing the intelligence gaps
  • Who knows what within the firm and in the  broader business arena
  • Intelligence gathering tools – OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and VISINT (Visual Intelligence).
  • The Intelligence Champion, the CEO and the company's executives.
  • Methods of analysis – from data to information to intelligence.
  • The Intelligence Product – the Intelligence picture and the decision-making process.
  • Computerizing the gathered information in an efficient and retrievable manner
  • How to start the CI process in your company

Please go to the Corporate Competitive Intelligence webpage for further details.

Services of the members of CF Group

Public Affairs

  • Lobbying
  • Coalition Building
  • Legislation Monitoring
  • Lobby Alert
  • Issue Monitoring
  • Public Affairs consulting
  • Regulation Consultancy

Please go to the GPS Capital webpage for further details.


Public Relations

  • Public relations
  • Positioning, Re-positioning
  • Profile Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Image Building
  • News Factory

Please go to the Privy Council Communications webpage for further details.



  • CSR planning
  • CSR consultancy

Please go to the RTG Consulting webpage for further details.


Market Research

  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Solutions
  • Management Consulting

Please go to the Capital Research webpage for further details.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more details on our services.