Lajos Kósa, managing vice-president of Hungarian governing party Fidesz made the classical mistake which revealed that good governance presupposes good communication.

Attending a conference in his hometown, Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen, drew a parallel between the Greek and the Hungarian financial situation that lead to the nosedive of the Hungarian currency.



The same and the next day, Mihály Varga former finance minister and Péter Szijjártó spokesman to PM Viktor Orbán suggested that his committee will reveal „masses of skeletons” in the cupboard that will threat the budget deficit.



The impact was in contrast with Fidesz plans. After his meeting with the Hungarian PM, president of the European Commission Manuel Barroso emphasized straightforwardly that Hungary must not abandon the route of restrictive fiscal policy and Viktor Orban was quick to agree with him. The Hungarian government plans to announce strict austerity measures, but the message that the markets understood was just the opposite.