Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis have been given the right to sponsor their children and their husbands.


The decision was announced by the Interior Minister. Under the former legal arrangements, the sons and daughters of Kuwaiti mothers and foreign fathers had to be sponsored by companies or institutions when they reached 18 years.


Husbands who left their employers were also forced to seek the sponsorship of companies or establishments in order to continue living in Kuwait. Wives could sponsor their husbands under the old system once they reached the age of 60.


The new law applies to the sons and daughters of Kuwaiti women and is not linked to any conditions.



Analysis and Forecast: Decreasing Risk


The decision by the interior minister was expected but nonetheless marks a very important step for women’s rights in Kuwait. There have been many cases of husbands unable to join their Kuwaiti wives as they were not given permission to stay. This led to an increasingly serious social problem, especially with more and more Kuwaiti women marrying non-Kuwaiti men.


The decision also paves the way for the ability of children of Kuwaiti women to non-Kuwaiti fathers to gain citizenship. This will help make Kuwait the GCC’s most progressive in terms of women’s rights.