Kuwait’s interior minister survives no-confidence vote in parliament



Kuwait’s interior minister survived a no-confidence vote in parliament after he was questioned in June 2009 over alleged financial irregularities.

Thirty deputies supported Sheikh Jaber Khaled Al Sabah, a member of the ruling family, with 16 voting against him and 2 abstaining.

In June 2009, MP Musallam Al Barrak accused Jaber of financial irregularities, violations during the last elections and ordering the installation of a camera in front of parliament which he said could spy on lawmakers.

2 July 2009



Analysis and forecast (↓ decreasing risk)


The interior minister’s decision to answer to questioning requests filed by opposition MP’s led to a no-confidence motion being put forward by the opposition. Parliamentary grilling, especially of senior ruling family members like Sheikh Jaber, is seen as a humiliation and often leads to the resignation of the minister, or even the dissolution of parliament, as happened when parliament wanted to question the prime-minster earlier this year. However, with Sheikh Jaber acceding to the questioning request and later surviving the no-confidence vote, it is widely felt that popular support for incessant grilling requests by parliamentary opposition has waned. The summer recess will give further break and contribute to dissipating the tensions between the parliament and government.