Reports have been coming from the former South Yemen that areas of the region have fallen into anarchy, with police unable to protect citizens. Reports of kidnappings, killings and road piracy have increased accompanied by inaction on the part of the central government’s police forces.


In the meanwhile, demonstrations and calls have continued more intensely from the Southern Movement calling for the secession of South Yemen. There were reports of fatalities on both sides.


December 12, 2009



Analysis and Forecast: increasing risk


The latest news from the former South Yemen indicates that the grip of the central government is waning. The resources available to the central government have been consumed by the Sa’ada conflict and to a lesser extent fighting Al Qaeda. This has led to a gradual descent into anarchy in the former South. This is also accompanied by calls from leaders of the Southern Movements for separation.


The latest news demonstrates that the situation in the former South has deteriorated to a point that secession is now also a feasible practical solution to a region of the country that the central government has been accused of neglecting for many years.